Who Is Connie Meggs? Oath Keepers Connie Meggs’s Wikipedia Bio

Who Is Connie Meggs? Oath Keepers Connie Meggs’s Wikipedia Bio

Who Is Connie Meggs? Oath Keepers Connie Meggs’s Wikipedia Bio

Who is Connie Meggs? Every day we get to hear something exciting and obituary news in the magazines. To know more you must continue reading this article.

Connie Meggs was spotted in the capital riot at a Trump campaign rally at Ocala on March 10, 2021, reported by NYTimes. The news was circulated in the news channels and magazines. Moreover, she is a member of the far-right oath keepers who participated in the capital riot. 

Furthermore, there is a lot of planning done by the Oath Keepers in the Capitol Riot in January 2021. As per the source, there are tons of Oath Keepers who wear a military-style hat and a black backpack with a USF logo.

Who is Oath Keepers Connie Meggs? 

Connie Meggs is a 59-year-old woman who worked as a salesgirl at a gift basket village in Ocala, Marion County. Additionally, she is American by nationality, and her ethnicity is White. 


Similarly, she is married of course. Her husband’s name is Kelly Meggs. According to the latest updated news, Connie and her husband, Kelly was arrested because they were connected with the oath keepers groups.

Connie Meggs Wikipedia Bio

Connie Meggs has no Wikipedia page available on the web, as she is not a public figure.

However, we can find her biography on news portals and a short biography on Insider.

According to the source, Meggs denied to beard because her wedding ring was stuck and it cannot be removed past the knuckle on her ring finger. 

It looks like, she has no profile on online platforms.

Connie Meggs Including Other OathKeepers Details

The other members who were arrested are Graydon Young, 54, of Englewood, Florida, Laura Steele, 52, of Thomasville, North Carolina, and Sandra Ruth Parker, 62, and Bennie Alvin Parker, 70, both of Morrow, Ohio. 

According to records, Kelly is the leader of the Florida chapter of the Oath Keepers.

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