Who is Costco Jason? Facebook Video and Ricky Schroder Harassment

Who is Costco Jason? Ricky Schroder Harassment Details

Who is Costco Jason? Ricky Schroder Harassment Details

Costco Jason is an employee of the American company Costco. Here is everything about the viral Facebook video and Ricky Schroder harassment. 

Former child actor Ricky Schroder had filmed himself harassing a Costco officer when he was denied entrance to the hardware store. The actor was not wearing a mask, and it was why he was not allowed in the store. 

But he started harassing the doorman saying that no law can deny him entrance like that. Ricky has been in the infamous limelight before, so it is not a new thing for him. 

Who is Costco Jason? Man on the viral Facebook video

Costco Jason refers to a man named “Jason” who works in Costco. 

Moreover, he has a job as the doorman in the store. But no further details about him have been revealed until now.

The Costco employee is currently trending on Twitter, thanks to the Facebook video that shows him being harassed by Ricky. 

Jason denied the entry of Schroder as the latter wasn’t wearing a mask at the time. But instead of apologizing, the actor started to harass the employee and forced Jason to let him in. 

Ricky Schroder’s Harassment: Who Is He? 

Ricky Schroder is a former child actor. 

He has made infamous fame for himself as many people on social media refer to him as “the male Karen.” He has harassed a lot of people because of their race and so-called social status over the years. 

The chain continues as he was recently spotted and filming himself harassing a doorkeeper who works at Costco. 

Costco Jason Real Name: Meet Him On Twitter

Costco Jason’s first name is Jason. His full name is not available until now. 

Unfortunately, we have not been able to find his Twitter and Instagram handles for the time being.

Nonetheless, he has become quite a famous name on social media after the video got viral.

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