Who Is Cristiana Sinagra? Everything On Edad (Age) Wiki and Family Bio

Who Is Cristiana Sinagra? Everything On Edad (Age) Wiki and Family Bio

Who Is Cristiana Sinagra? Everything On Edad (Age) Wiki and Family Bio

Cristiana Sinagra is the wife of Argentine professional football player Diego Maradona. Cristiana Sinagra is a famous Italian woman who dated Diego and even had a child together with him named Diego Maradona Jr. Cristiana Sinagra is already in his later 50’s yet she looks quite stunning and beautiful and is very active on her social media handle.

Name Cristiana Sinagra
Birthday 1964
Age 56
Gender Female
Nationality Italian
Married/Single Single
Children 1
Instagram @cristianasinagra

Cristiana Sinagra is currently in the spotlight after her partner Diego’s death. Recently on November 25, 2020, Diego lost his life due to a heart attack, and since then she has been all over social media. 

10 Facts on Cristiana Sinagra:

  1. Cristiana Sinagra was born on May 10, 1964, in Naples, Italy.
  2. Cristiana Sinagra’s age as of 2020 is exactly 56 years old and even in her later age she is quite wonderful looking and is very hardworking.
  3. Until now, Cristiana Sinagra isn’t available on wiki or any other site as she has stayed away from it however these facts might help you to know more about her.
  4. Talking about her family, Cristiana Sinagra is Diego ‘Singara’ Maradona Jr’s mother and she gave birth back in her hometown Naples.
  5. Speaking about Cristiana Sinagra’s family biography she brought up her son Diego Matadona Jr in Naples as her partner was a professional football player.
  6. She is currently living in Naples, Italy, and prefers to stay away from all the paparazzi.
  7. Cristiana is available on her Instagram account @cristianasinagra where she has more than 5 thousand followers and 262 posts.
  8. Cristiana and Diego never married however they only dated and were very close while he played in Italy.
  9. Her net worth as of 2020 is under review while her partner’s net worth is around 100 thousand dollars.
  10. Her partner Diego died on November 25, 2020, due to a heart attack in Buenos Aires.

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