Who is Danny Arsenault? Wikipedia Age And Charlotte Bouchard Harassment

Who is Danny Arsenault? Everything To Know

Who is Danny Arsenault? Everything To Know

Danny Arsenault Wikipedia and Age are inquired by people nowadays. Updates on Charlotte Bouchard Harassment Case.

Mr. Arsenault is a Canadian citizen who has been highlighted for harassing Charlotte Bouchard.

Charlotte Bouchard is the sister of a famous Canadian tennis player,  Eugenie Bouchard.

After years of online harassment, Charlotte had filed a police report against Danny.

Danny Arsenault Wikipedia And Age

Danny Arsenault’s age is 42 years currently.

The man was an ordinary citizen before the harassment case came forward, so it is obvious that his Wikipedia is undocumented.

Furthermore, we suppose he was born and raised in Montreal, Canada so he endures Canadian nationality.

Apart from this only thing known about the man is that he has been in the harassment case of Charlotte Bouchard.

Charlotte Bouchard Harassment Case Update

Charlotte Bouchard filed an online harassment case against Danny Arsenault in 2017.

As per news portals, Danny continued to send her different messages on Charlotte’s Instagram account between 2014-2017.

Some of the messages were claimed to be innocent while some were vulgar. Though Charlotte had blocked the man’s sereval time, the harassing messages didn’t stop following her. The man used to message her with multiple anonymous handles.

After some time Charlotte stated that at some point her day-to-day life was hampered because she was threatened by the message and was worrying about her safety.

So, she filed a police complaint after her return to Montreal from London and he was arrested.

After investigation, the man was found to have some mental health issues. On his hearing in 2019, Danny claimed that he was not harsassing Charlotte but was only trying his luck.

As of now, the trial for the case has begun again in May 2021.

On the trial, Danny Arsenault is seen accepting his mistake. The final decision about the case will be given in late June this year, reported CTV News.

His Family Explained

Danny Arsenault must have a supportive family.

As the man is in his 40s, we assume him to be married.

However, there have been no updates on her wife or any of his family members.


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