Who Is Daria Jalali Loveland Police? Wikipedia, Arrested And Facebook

Daria Jalali Loveland Police Faces Charges: Case Details To Follow

Daria Jalali Loveland Police Faces Charges: Case Details To Follow

Daria Jalali is the Loveland police officer who was involved in the arrest of a dementia patient. She is facing charges for the same case. 

Police brutality is a burning topic in America. The public raged once again last summer as the video showed Daria Jalali and Austin Hopp physically assaulting an older woman.

Now, they might even go to jail for this. 

Who Is Daria Jalali Loveland Police? Everything on Her Arrest

Daria Jalali is a former Loveland Police officer.

Last summer, Daria became a national headline regarding the arrest of a 73-year-old woman named Karen Garner. It is alleged that Jalali watched and laughed while another officer, Austin Hopp, physically hurt Garner. 

On June 26, 2020, dementia patient Karen checked out from Walmart without paying her $13.38 bill. As a result, Hopp tackled the old lady and dislocated her shoulder. On the other hand, Jalali supported Austin’s actions.

Austin Hopp and Daria were finally arrested in May 2021.

After the Austin Hopp and Daria Jalali disturbing video of Karen Garner’s arrest was released, the pair received massive criticisms. Eventually, Karen’s family filed a lawsuit against the officers.

Now, Daria is facing charges for force use and intervention failure. 

Daria Jalali Wikipedia Explored 

Daria Jalali’s Wikipedia is absent for now.

The 27 years old officer was serving in the Loveland police department for the past three years. However, both Hopp and Jalali resigned from their position on April 3, 2021. 

It is even alleged that Daria and Austin were dating each other. Though Hopp was still married and going under divorce, his relationship with Daria Jalali remained away from his wife.

Furthermore, they had apparently kept their relationship private. 

Discover Her Facebook

Daria Jalali’s Facebook is deactivated for now.

Likewise, Daria Jalali’s family has not spoken to the media on the issue yet. Due to the seriousness of the case, they prefer to maintain secrecy.

It is not clear if Daria Jalali is under police custody as of now. Likewise, the Judicial district attorney is yet to hold a press conference regarding the case.

On the other hand, the Cleveland police department has released a supporting statement for the arrest. 

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