Who Is Denis Istomin Coach Klaudiya Istomina? Husband Wiki And Net Worth

Tennis Star Denis Istomin Coach Is His Mom: Meet Klaudiya Istomina

Tennis Star Denis Istomin Coach Is His Mom: Meet Klaudiya Istomina

Denis Istomin learned tennis from his mom Klaudiya Istomina. Klaudia is still his coach. Let us know her better.

Klaudiya is Denis Istomin’s mother and coach. Denis is a professional tennis player with two single titles.

Who Is Denis Istomin Coach Klaudiya Istomina?

Denis Istomin is Klaudiya Istomina’s son.

Klaudiya gave birth to him on September 7, 1986. The 34-year-old was born in Orenburg of Russian SFSR, Soviet Union.

Interestingly, Denis’s mother Klaudiya introduced him to tennis when he was just a child. She has been coaching him ever since then.

Denis says having his mother Klaudiya saves him money on coaches. However, it has many plus sides than just money. Of course, she is not coaching her son to save money.

Klaudiya understands her son the best from the day of his birth. Thus, she can pick the moves and training ways that best suits her son Denis.

Also, Denis and Klaudiya can live together, which saves on accommodation too.

Also, there may be some limitations of finely searched. The two won’t be able to meet in the locker room like many of the coaches. But those aspects are completely shaded by the benefits.

Klaudiya Istomina Husband

Klaudiya Istomina’s husband is Oleg Istomin.

Both of them are Russian by birth. Also, they married and gave birth to Denis in Russia. Later, the two migrated to Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan; soon, he was three months old.

In addition, Klaudiya has another son named Anton Istomin. He is 14 years younger than his brother Denis.

Anton is also interested in tennis. However, he does not want to have a career as a player. In fact, he aims to be a doctor. Also, Denis says his brother is smarter than him.

Klaudiya Istomina Wiki

Klaudiya Istomina has spent most of her career as her son Denis’s coach.

In addition, she was a tennis player on her own. Actually, he played as an amateur player at the national level for the Soviet Union.

However, she could not live to her dreams since she could not get enough opportunities. Now, her son is fulfilling it.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Denis’s mom Klaudiya’s net worth is not known in exact figures.

Her son has bagged prize money of $6.1 million to date.

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