Who is DeShawn Tatum? Everything On Capitol Attack Suspect

Who is DeShawn Tatum? Everything On Capitol Attack Suspect

Who is DeShawn Tatum? Everything On Capitol Attack Suspect

Who is DeShawn Tatum? Here’s everything on the Capitol Attack Suspect. 

DeShawn Tatum has been shot and killed by the police during a fierce shooting at Rock Island. He was believed to be armed and dangerous and the capitol police were chasing him.

Besides, Tatum was considered a possible suspect for the murder of his family members in 2017. And it seems like he was running from the police. He hijacked a gas station in Rock Island and started fire on capitol police officers.  

As a result, he suffered from multiple gunshot wounds and so did the officers. Fortunately, no officers were dead. 

Who is DeShawn Tatum? Capitol Attack Suspect

DeShawn Tatum was shot dead by the Capitol Police at Rock Island on Thursday. 

However, he was already a suspect in the killings of his family back in 2017. His grandmother and mother were shot and DeShawn was one of the suspects who was ruled out later. 

As per Capitol Police, Tatum was armed and dangerous and he started shooting at the officers when they tried to chase him. However, he died of the return fire from the officers. 

Is DeShawn Tatum Arrested?

Yes, he was arrested and receiving treatment UnityPoint Health-Trinity in Rock Island. However, he couldn’t make it. 

The cause of his death seems to be gunshots wound on his head. On the other hand, a few officers were also shot and they are being treated at the same hospital at the moment. 

As of now, the officers are out of any immediate danger

DeShawn Tatum Ethnicity and Age

DeShawn’s ethnicity remains yet to be discovered. 

However, Tatum’s nationality is American. 

Tatum was just 25 years old.

He was already a wanted man in the country as he was arrested before for the possession of a firearm. 

Prior to his altercation with the police, DeShawn stole a car from a bystander at the gas station he hijacked with a handgun, as per reports. 


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