Who is Destini Crane TikTok? Viral Fire Challenge Gone Wrong

TikTok Fire Challenge Gone Wrong: Meet Victim Destini Crane

TikTok Fire Challenge Gone Wrong: Meet Victim Destini Crane

Destini Crane was severely burnt after the Fire challenge in Tiktok. What is this dangerous challenge? Find Out. 

Time and again multiple Tiktok challenges have come under criticism for dangerous activities. Trends like the tide pod challenge and the corona challenge had put many lives in danger. Furthermore, the new  Tiktok fire challenge is even more deadly. 

Who is Destini Crane Tiktok? Viral Fire Challenge Gone Wrong

Destini Crane is an Oregon teen in ICU after a viral Tiktok challenge gone wrong.

The young teenager recently suffered a third-degree burn while attempting a dangerous Tiktok trend. The doctors are currently treating her for burnt arms and neck. Likewise, she has already gone under 3 skin grafting surgery. 

Destini Crane became a victim of the Tiktok viral fire challenge gone wrong. 

The dreadful incident occurred on May 13, 2021. Destini Crane, who is just 13 years in age, was trying to copy the fire challenge in the bathroom. However, her mom heard a loud bang shortly after. 

When Destini Crane was found by her mother, Kimberly Crane, the TikTok video was still recording on her phone. Likewise, Destini Crane was soon rushed to the hospital by her parents. 

Alert: Fire Challenge On Tiktok Is Dangerous

Fire Challenge on Tiktok is a very dangerous trend, where people try to draw with fire.

The users first draw objects in the mirror using hair spray. Next, they switch off the room light and set the highly flammable mirror figure on fire. This is an extremely dangerous thing to do as evident in Carne’s case. 

Reports suggest that Destini was found with a lighter, candle, and rubbing alcohol in the room. Likewise, she was also in a very poorly ventilated room that may have led to an alcohol bottle explosion. 

We highly encourage you to not take part in this trend. Likewise, please report such videos in TikTok to prevent any future mishaps. 

Update on Destini Crane Status

Destini Crane is still in the ICU right now. She is unconscious and under pain medications for the past 2 weeks now. Furthermore, doctors stated that she might need long-term physical therapy and support.

Destini Crane doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography yet. Likewise, Destini Crane is also absent from Instagram right now. On the other hand, firefighters are highly recommending people to not follow such viral videos.

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