Who Is Di Vizio Aka Divizio1? Age Wikipedia And YouTube Live

Divizio1 On Twitch – Everything to Know About The Streamer

Divizio1 On Twitch – Everything to Know About The Streamer

Divizio1 On Twitch is a very famous streamer who talks about health and health laws. Here is everything to know about the age of the streamer!

Twitch is a streaming site where you can live stream. Live streaming on Twitch helps in connecting you with a wide range of audiences. Divizio1 is quite famous and well known on this live streaming site.

Who Is Di Vizio Aka Divizio1? 

Fabrice Di Vizio, also known as Di Vizio or Divizio1, is firstly a lawyer. He is mostly focused on public health law and is based in Paris. He has a background in public law and administration science.

He is a holder of a master’s degree in public law and political philosophy. He has defended more than hundreds of health professionals in his career. He is registered with the Paris Bar and the Rome bar. He is quite popular with the French media, having multiple appearances on television and his defense of Professor Raoult, which gained national attention. His other interests are Horses and Travel. 

Di Vizio Age And Wikipedia Revealed

Fabrice Di Vizio is 46-year-old.. No Wikipedia was found for Fabrice Di Vizio. He has not been mentioned in Wikipedia.

However, a bunch of information is available about Di Vizio on different web portals.

Di Vizio YouTube Live

Fabrice, despite being a busy man, is very much updated with the media.

His youtube channel named ‘Cabinet Di Vizio’ has 150k subscribers, which is not bad for a lawyer. He constantly uploads videos and has a loyal fan following. He is not just active on his Youtube but also on Tiktok.

He makes videos about vaccines and transmissions. He is a person who believes in educating and warning people for the welfare of communities. 


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♬ son original – Fabrice Di Vizio

Di Vizio Eta Familie

There are no details about his family. He seems to be a private person. Only his professional life details have been given access to the media. 

Di Vizio Networth And Instagram

Just as Di Vizio’s Youtube is for his stance on public health issues and debates, his Instagram is mostly for his personal life as he only has a total of 9 posts of his horse and himself enjoying and having a gala time.

He has 3.2k followers on Instagram, which is considerably lower than his Youtube subscribers. It looks like he loves horses and enjoys horse riding. It seems to be his hobby and a way to relax and pass his time.

His Networth has not been revealed to the public. Di Vizio is known for his health laws, making policies, and fighting the good fight. Lawyers are known to earn a lot of money. Assuming that he must have at least $3 million net worth.

But this is just a wild guess. We have no idea how much networth Divizio has earned so far.

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