Who Is Dorian Taylor North Carolina? Victim Parents And Facebook Video

Who Is Dorian Taylor North Carolina? Victim Parents And Facebook Video

Who Is Dorian Taylor North Carolina? Victim Parents And Facebook Video

Dorian Taylor allegedly raped, murdered, and stole from a woman in North Carolina. Learn more about the suspect and the case.

This year the Miami city received an overwhelming tourist crowd. Since February, the police in Maimi have handled over 1,000 cases. Unfortunately, the case of Christine Englehardt might be the saddest of them.  

Who Is Dorian Taylor From North Carolina?

Dorian Taylor from North Carolina is a suspect in Christine Englehardt’s murder case.

According to reports, Dorian Taylor and his partner recently Eviore Collier drugged and raped a woman. They even stole her credit card and partied with it in South Beach. Consequently, the woman lost her life, potentially to a drug overdose.

The police alleged the woman might have died from the pills Dorian supplied. In fact, he left the poor lady in the hotel and took all of her possessions as well. Thus, Taylor can face serious charges depending upon the death reports. 

Everything on Victim Parents And Facebook Video

Till now, Dorian Taylor’s victim’s parents have not spoken on the matter yet.

The victim was identified as 24 years old Christine Englehardt from Pennsylvania. Likewise, she had come to South Beach for a vacation. Furthermore, the lady was staying at the Albion Hotel at 1650 James Ave.

The police identified Dorian Taylor’s video via CCTV footage. Likewise, Facebook rages over Dorian Taylor’s case. 

The footage showed that Dorian, Eviore, and the victim went into the room together. However, only the two men left within an hour. Later, police found Englehardt semi-nude and dead in her room. 

His Partner Evoire Collier Arrested: Case Update  

As the latest case update, Dorian Taylor and Evoire Collier were arrested together. 

Police arrested Evoire from Ocean Drive at Eighth Street. In fact, he was wearing the same pants as the CCTV video. Consequently, he confessed that the men met Christine in a local restaurant.

It was Dorian Taylor who gave Englehardt a green pill. Similarly, both Dorian and Evoire appeared on the court on Monday. Currently, they remain under custody. 

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