Who Is Dr Frauke Neuser? Wikipedia, Teeth, Age And Husband

Who is Dr Frauke Neuser?  Everything To Know About

Who is Dr Frauke Neuser?  Everything To Know About

Dr Frauke Neuser is a British scientist from London. She is the Senior Director of Scientific Communications at the famous P&G company. Similarly, she has been working with the company for 21 years now. 

In 2021, Dr Frauke was featured by Jeopardy! as a woman in STEM. She is also appointed as Olay’s Principal Scientist. Furthermore, she is a Ph.D. graduate from the Universitat Hannover. 

Quick Facts: Who is Dr Frauke Neuser? Everything To Know About

Name Dr Frauke Neuser
Gender Female
Nationality British
Education Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Universitat Hannover

10 Facts On Dr Frauke Neuser

  1. Dr Frauke Neuser is a British Scientist. She is a hair and skin expertise. Likewise, she is popular as Olay’s Principal Scientist
  2. With her rigorous beauty routine, Dr Frauke Neuser has been able to maintain a youthful-looking age. In fact, fans speculate that Dr Frauke Neuser might be a non-aging Vampire! 
  3. The Wikipedia page for Dr Frauke Neuser is not available. However, with her increasing fame, the scientist might get her personal Wiki bio soon. 
  4. Dr Neuser prefers to be defined by her work. So, Dr Frauke Neuser rarely talks about her husband or family. Moreover, details about her children are also limited. 
  5. Dr Frauke Neuser completed her education at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Likewise, she obtained her MSc degree in Food Chemistry. 
  6. In 2000, Dr Frauke was awarded her doctorate degree. Similarly, she graduated as a Summa cum laude from Universitat Hannover with a Ph.D. in Biotechnology. 
  7. Dr Frauke Neuser was featured by famous company Jeopardy! in 2021. In the same way, she was celebrated as a high-achieving woman in STEM. 
  8. The doctor stands at a good height with a maintained body. Likewise, Dr Frauke Neuser’s teeth are healthy, like her skin. Moreover, she has blonde hair and blue eyes. 
  9. Dr Neuser has worked with Protector & Gamble for over two decades. Furthermore, she was promoted to Senior Director of Scientific Communications in 2000.  
  10. Frauke moved into the beauty industry in 2006. Now, she is involved in the manufacturing of various products for Olay.


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