Who Is Emonte Morgan Mother?

Emonte Morgan Mother Goes On Facebook As Marsia Outofthebox Braidy

Emonte Morgan Mother Goes On Facebook As Marsia Outofthebox Braidy

Marsia Outofthebox Braidy aka Evalena Flores on Facebook recorded a live video of breaking into a hospital. Let us uncover the story.

Evalena’s two sons were charged with the shooting and death of Ella French. The boys had fired two police officers.

Marsia Outofthebox Braidy On Facebook

Marsia Outofthebox Braidy came live on the social media platform on Tuesday. The live video started somewhere around 8:30 am.

Actually, it is not clear who the woman Marsia is. But the lady on the live video screams as if she is the mom of Emonte Morgan.

The woman shouts “Emonte Morgan. My Son. I want to see my son.” The officials grab her to not let her go inside.

She broke inside Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn in an attempt to see her son. In addition, she instantly runs towards one of the rooms screaming on the live broadcast.

On the other hand, Oak Lawn PD Chief Gerald Vetter has indicated the clip of being an interest in their inquiry.

Marsia has over 2.5k followers on the platform. The information there reveals she lives in Dyer, Indiana.

Is Marsia Outofthebox Braidy Evalena Flores?

It is not clear if Marsia Outofthebox Braidy is Evalena Flores or not. But the two appear to be the same lady based on the social media posts.

Marsia appears to be the mum of the Morgan brothers. She screams Emonte is her son in a video on the profile.

Also, Marsia has uploaded many posts about Emonte on the Fb account. She has said he is her son on the captions.

Besides, she had wished her boy a happy birthday on the 30th of July this year. Emonte or Monte has reached 21 years old as of now.

Emonte Morgan Mother Evalena Was Arrested!

Emonte Morgan’s mom Evalena was arrested following her attempted to see her son. She was detained in a hospital on Tuesday morning.

The authorities revealed Evalena was “causing a disturbance” in the premise. She entered there through a security door.

The police officers and public safety officers of the hospital were the ones holding her back. But she was continuously attempting to beat the resistance.

Flores faces three charges. They include misdemeanor battery, resisting a peace officer, and criminal trespass.

Evalena Flores Wiki – Who Is She?

Evalena Flores is a woman of 41 years of age. She hails from Dyer, Indiana.

As per Conandaily, Flores has been detained a few times before. She is scheduled to appear in court on September 15, 2021.

Besides, it is not clear what Evalena does for a living. Nothing much is known about Evalena’s hudband.

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