Who is Eric Ciaramella Girlfriend Alexa Schiff? Are They Engaged Or Married?

Who is Eric Ciaramella Girlfriend Alexa Schiff? Are They Engaged Or Married?

Who is Eric Ciaramella Girlfriend Alexa Schiff? Are They Engaged Or Married?

Who is Eric Ciaramella Girlfriend Alexa Schiff? Eric Ciaramella is a former CIA analyst and former National Security Council staffer. He has served as a career intelligence officer in both the Obama administration and Trump administration.

He came into public attention as a whistleblower whose complaint led to the impeachment hearing of President Donald Trump.

You might have heard this former CIA analyst, Eric’s name through several social media tweets and status by politicians including the Senators, Governors, and the President of the United States. Now that he has already come to our attention and become an overnight sensation, why not we look into his personal life also.

Here is everything we know about Eric Ciaramella Girlfriend Alexa Schiff, and whether they are married or not.

Who is Eric Ciaramella’s Rumored Girlfriend Alexa Schiff?

Not long ago, in November 2019, it was rumored that Eric Ciaramella is dating Alexa Schiff.

We got to know about this through the social media post of Alexa Schiff’s father Adam Schiff. So, who is Alexa Schiff? And what does she do for a living? Alexa is the daughter of the former tennis player,

Eve Schiff, and the House intelligence committee chairman, Adam Schiff. Currently, Adam is the leader of the Democrat’s investigation into Donald Trump’s impeachment. 

Alexa Schiff Age: How Old is She in 2020?

Alexa Schiff is a 22 years old girl who was born on 12th July 1998. She is from Los Angeles, California. She is a college student who is studying at a prestigious private in Illinois, Northwestern University.

She is studying pre-med, so she might enter the medical field after graduation. Her nickname is Lexi.

However, the rumor turns out to be untrue and Eric Ciaramella is not dating the daughter of Adam Smith, Alexa Smith. It was posted as a joke by her father because coincidentally, the name of the real boyfriend of Alexa was also Eric. Alexa’s real boyfriend Eric currently studies bachelors in mathematics. 

Who is the real girlfriend of Eric Ciaramella?

Eric Ciaramella is a 34-years old CIA analyst who is Ukraine and Russia expert. The whistleblower who filed complained against Trump and jumpstarted the Impeachment case on Donald Trump was expected to be anonymous. Even his name should have been a secret. Just revealing his identity to the public is also a big deal.

Actually, his name was kind of an open secret and everyone in the politics actually knew who the whistleblower was but were silent. It was only in the early 2020s, he was revealed as the whistleblower by the twitter posts of the President’s son. His tweet had led to anger and was triggered by the media to which he responded by saying that numerous people & news outlets had already identified and named him.

Eric is still working for the CIA and he has been given full security while he drives to and from his work.

Any posts related alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella was removed by Facebook. The spokesperson of Facebook, Oliver Darcy posted in November 2019 that revealing anything about a witness, informant, or activist is not permitted and is against the Facebook policy. So mentioning the name of a potential whistleblower is also not approved.

So, I guess you must be a CIA yourself if you know about the girlfriend of the whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella.

Currently, we do not have any information about Eric Ciaramella’s girlfriend, or wife, or his other family members. 

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