Who Is Erik Henderson? Amy McGrath’s Husband

Who Is Erik Henderson? Amy McGrath’s Husband – 10 Facts You Should Know
Who Is Erik Henderson? Amy McGrath’s Husband – 10 Facts You Should Know

Erik Henderson is mostly known as a family member as he is the husband of Amy McGrath’s. Erik is military personnel who is retired from his job. He has also served in the Navy. He served in the Navy for nearly 2 decades.

Name Erik Henderson
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Navy Pilot
Married/Single Married
Wife Amy McGrath
Children George Henderson, Theodore Henderson, and Eleanor Henderson
Education Clemson University

His wife Amy is a politician and also a former Marine fighter pilot. The couple got married in 2009 and shares 3 children together. She is involved with the Democratic party. Erik has also been the part of the war which was in Afganistan. From his LinkedIn profile, we can also know that he is also a Business entrepreneur and also a business manager.

Biography under the name Erik Henderson is no on Wikipedia but his wife Amy has her biography on Wikipedia. He is a graduate of Clemson University and he completed his masters from the University of Maryland in Business Administration, Management, and Operations.

10 Facts About Erik Henderson:

  1. Erik Henderson is in the limelight for being the husband of an Amerian politician named Amy McGrath. 
  2. It seems his age is around the fifties but there is no exact news regarding this.
  3. Also, we do not know when he celebrates his birthday. 
  4. Erik and Amy have a total number of three children who are named George Henderson, Theodore Henderson, and Eleanor Henderson. 
  5. We can’t find him on Instagram as well as on other social media sites too.
  6. Although he is not that active on Twitter, his wife, Amy McGrath is always busy posting their pictures on her personal Twitter account. 
  7. Erik’s family members seem really happy with him.
  8. Talking about his job, he is a navy pilot who had even fought in the Afghanistan war.
  9. The net worth of this popular celebrity spouse is yet to be published. 
  10. He had completed his graduation from Clemson University. 

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