Who Is Gabbie Egan And Why Was She Arrested? Jenelle Evans Friend

Jenelle Evans Friend And Podcast Cohost, Who Is Gabbie Egan?

Jenelle Evans Friend And Podcast Cohost, Who Is Gabbie Egan?

TikTok star Gabby Egan was arrested in Las Vegas on July 24 and fans want to know why. Let us unwrap the story for you.

Egan is a famous Tiktoker and a show host. She worked with Jenelle Evans as a host of her podcast.

Tiktok: Why Was Gabbie Egan Arrested?

Gabbie Egan was detained for battery assault. The authorities seized her in Las Vegas on the 24th of July, 2021.

In Touch reported Gabbie received two counts of battery to first responders prisoners. Also, she had one count of interfering with a government officer with a threat.

As a matter of fact, Egan was on a trip to Las Vegas at the time. She was there with her husband Cody celebrating three years of being together.

Interestingly, Gabbie got released from the detention center the next day. She is scheduled to attend a hearing on August 25.

Egan’s mugshot is has taken over Reddit by storm. 

Gabby Egan’s attorney told TMZ that she has not received any charges so far. Also, she had not been involved in legal cases prior to that.

To point out, Jack E. Buchanan is her lawyer for the case. He runs the Buchanan Las Vegas defense Act.

Who is TikTok Star Gabbie Egan?

Gabbie Egan is a Tiktok content creator. She uploads short and funny video clips about her personal life.

In fact, Gabby has over 2.4 million followers on her Tiktok account @bbyegan_. In addition, she has won over 119 million hearts on her videos altogether.

Besides, she reportedly served in the army before turning herself in to a social media star. But she has not shared much about her tenure and position in the military.

Also, Egan makes a good net worth out of her merch sales too. She has a sticker store too. Likewise, she has endorsement deals with BYTE dental aligners and Gratsi wine too.

Find Gabbie Egan – Jenelle Evans Friend on Instagram

Gabbie Egan is Jenelle Evans friend. She worked together with Evans in her podcast Girl S#!T.

In fact, Gabby joined Jenelle in the show after Jenelle launched in 2021. Both of the ladies are connected with North Carolina too.

Likewise, Gabbie and Jenelle seem to be very close pals. They have been pictured spending good time together.

Besides, Egan is on Instagram as @bbyegan. She boasts over 143k followers on her Insta account.


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Know Gabbie Egan Age and Height

Gabbie Egan’s age is 21 years old. She receives birthday wishes on March 7 every year.

Egan has a height of over 5 feet and 5 inches as per her appearance.

Besides, Gabbie and her boyfriend Cody married in July 2018. She raises three children.

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