Who is Gallowboob Reddit? Face Net Worth And Wikipedia

Gallowboob Net Worth Wikipedia: Reddit Face Revealed

Gallowboob Net Worth Wikipedia: Reddit Face Revealed

Redditor Gallowboob with some of the highest karma points surely has a lot of net worth. Get to know all about him.

Gallowboob was a landscape editor who had quit his job and got into Reddit.

Just 19 months of using Reddit, he had amassed over 8.3 million karma points and soon earned the title of “King of Karma”. 

With increasing popularity, the said man was able to get many business and career opportunities.

Gallowboob Reddit

Gallowboob is a popular Reddit user /u/gallowboob and he currently moderates 113 subreddits.

Since then throughout the years, his Reddit would only grow and now he has amassed Karma points more than 36.7 million.

However, always being on the top of something always brings criticism and hate. Gallowboob has been harassed on the internet on multiple occasions.

The reason for doing so is because he sometimes cross-post. Cross-post is kind of a repost that you do on any other subreddit than the one where the original content has been posted.

People basically say and believe that he just uses others’ content to get the Karma points and has garnered a lot of hate towards him.

Another incident was when he had posted a Netflix logo animation when he was accused of being paid by Netflix to post it.

Gallowboob Face

Gallowboob real name is Robert Allan and his face has been revealed by himself multiple times.

The Redditor is of Greek and Lebanese descent and is in his mid-thirties at the moment.

Once a Reddit community formed to hate him had posted his picture without permission and had been banned on Reddit.

What is Gallowboob’s Net Worth? Wikipedia

Gallowboob is yet to be featured on Wikipedia but much about him can be known on the Knowyourmeme site.

There is no information on Gallowboob’s net worth at the moment.

According to Forbes, Robert had landed himself a full-time executive gig at a United Kingdom-based media company UNILAD. 

Likewise, he is also a popular social media personality with 4,589 followers on Instagram @thegalloeboob and over 41.7k followers on Twitter @thegalloeboob.




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