Who Is Grace Tame? Age, Wikipedia Bio Facts On Australian Of The Year Winner

Who Is Grace Tame? 10 Facts On Australian Of The Year Winner

Who Is Grace Tame? 10 Facts On Australian Of The Year Winner

Grace Tame is the recipient of 2021 Australian of the Year award. Grace had been a victim of child sexual abuse and could not speak out about it in public because of Tasmania’s law. She helped overturn the law that halted sexual assault survivors from speaking out in public by leading a movement.

Grace received the award along with other incredible figures who have led movements and helped society for good. Grace’s campaign #LetHerSpeak led to the change in the state’s law, where now sexual assault survivors can speak publicly about their experience and trauma.

Quick Facts: Who Is Grace Tame? 10 Facts On Australian Of The Year Winner

Name Grace Tame
Age 26
Nationality Australian
Instagram @tamepunk


10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Grace Tame

  1. Who Is Grace Tame? She is 2021 Australian of the Year. Grace led the struggle to revoke the law that prevented sexual assault survivors from standing up and speaking out, reports The Guardian.
  2. Grace Tame’s current age is 26 years. The exact date of birth and zodiac sign of Grace has not been revealed yet.
  3. Tame was born and raised in Tasmania, Australia. Her nationality is Australian, and Grace’s ethnicity is Caucasian.
  4. The net worth details and the details of Grace Tame’s salary and earnings have not been disclosed yet.
  5. Grace Tame does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her yet. Grace’s bio and achievements can be read in recent news articles.
  6. Tame was raped by her 58 years old teacher in 2010 when she was 15 years old. She had to stay anonymous because of the law, reports ABC.
  7. The abuser went to prison, but because of Tasmania’s gag law, Grace could not publicly talk about the experience.
  8. Grace has 4.8k followers on her Instagram account. Her Instagram bio says she is an artist, advocate, yoga teacher, and a runner.
  9. Tame has not revealed any details about her personal life, family, parents, siblings, and upbringing.
  10. Grace got a tattoo on her hand to show that she survived the trauma of child sexual abuse.

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