Who Is Henry Mccollum? Net Worth, Brother And Wikipedia

Who Is Henry Mccollum? Everything You Need To Know

Who Is Henry Mccollum? Everything You Need To Know

Henry Mccollum and his brother Leon Brown were finally released after being wrongly accused of a crime they did not commit. Find out his net worth and other details below.

Henry is one of the two brothers who had been convicted of the murder and rape of an 11-years-old girl in Red Springs. 

He was just 20 when he was accused of the crime while his brother, Leon Brown, was 16 years old

The then teenagers were sentenced to prison with the death penalty based on confessions that got coerced. 

Henry Mccollum Brother

Henry Mccollum and his half-brother, Leon Brown, spent 31 years jailed for a crime they didn’t commit. 

Both the teenage boys were intellectually disabled when they were forced to sign a confession they did not understand. 

During their time in jail, they suffered deep mental stress and torture, with Henry also killing himself. 

On September 25, 1983, and they were convicted of the crime on October 24, 1984

They were released from prison in 2014 after DNA evidence was found, which pointed at the convicted murderer, Roscoe Artis.   

Henry and Leon had then pursued the civil case against law enforcement members since 2015. 

What is Mccollum’s Net Worth?

Henry Mccollum’s estimated net worth might be around $31 million

After a long wait for just, a jury in the federal courtroom in Raleigh finally awarded Henry and Leon $31 million each. 

Along with that, $1 million compensation for each year they spent in prison has also been promised. 

This was all part of the $75 million judgment against the 2 SBI agents, who were in charge of the investigation on the case then. 

Agents Leroy Allen and Kenneth Snead had violated the brother’s civil rights by coercing the confessions. 

They had also suppressed and fabricated evidence, but their defense attorney still tried to downplay their involvement and even question the brother’s innocence.

Is He Featured On Wikipedia?

Henry Mccollum has not been documented on Wikipedia yet. 

However, given the magnitude of the case, we expect him to get a Wikipedia page soon.

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