Who Is His Boyfriend And Partner?

TJ Osborne Comes Out: Who Is His Boyfriend And Partner?

TJ Osborne Comes Out: Who Is His Boyfriend And Partner?

TJ Osborne’s coming out interview has left people wandering who his boyfriend is. Stay with this article to know more about it.

TJ (Thomas John) Osborne has come out as gay. TJ is the led singer in the music duo Brothers Osborne. He is one of the first country music singers to come out publicly as the country music industry is traditionally conservative.

TJ is an award-winning artist who is now the only openly gay man signed with EMI Nashville, a major label country record deal.

TJ Osborne Comes Out

TJ Osborne, the country music singer has publicly come out as gay in an interview with Time.

Osborne came out to his inner circle a very long time ago. Osborne knew about his sexuality from a young age. He grew up in Deale, Maryland, a small town, where he had to keep his sexuality hidden.

In the interview, TJ Osborne said that the COVID-19 pandemic gave him time to decide to come out publicly. When he came out to his brother, John Osborne, TJ was very honest, open, and candid.

Who Is His Boyfriend Or Partner?

TJ Osborne did not reveal the name of his boyfriend or partner in the interview.

Osborne decided not to reveal if he is dating anyone at the moment. In his early twenties, TJ experienced his first heartbreak and could not tell anyone he was hurting.

TJ Osborne does not have a wife as he has never been married. However, Osborne was linked to artists such as Miranda Lambert.

How Old And Tall Is TJ Osborne? Parents Details Explored

TJ Osborne was born on November 18, 1984, and his current age is 36 years. Osborne is quite tall as his height is 6 feet 3 inches or 190.5 cm.

The names of TJ’s parents are not revealed yet. It was his parent’s dream to become singers and songwriters, but they had to give up the dream, reports Pop Culture.

TJ Osborne founded Brothers Osborne, a county music duo with his brother John Osborne. TJ is the lead vocalist of the band. John is the lead guitarist and background vocalist, and they are signed to EMI Nashville.

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