Who Is His Girlfriend Or Wife?

Does David Ellefson Have Girlfriend Or Wife?

Does David Ellefson Have Girlfriend Or Wife?

David Ellefson scandal rumors have floated on the internet lately. Megadeath has responded to his online sex scandal and controversy. 

Megadeath bassist David has recently been into a scandal after one of his so-called fans leaked his sexually adult videos. 

According to David, the allegations were made to damage his reputation, career, and family life.

Megadeath, however, has responded, stating they look forward to the truth coming out. 

Who Is David Ellefson?

David Ellefson is a renowned American musician, bassist, and co-founder of the heavy metal band Megadeath.

Apart from being a bass guitarist in Megadeath, he also has various side projects, including Temple of Brutality, F5, Killing Machine, and Metal Allegiance.

Furthermore, David’s (David Warren Ellefson) age is 56 years as he was born on November 12, 1964.

Does David Ellefson Have A Girlfriend or Wife?

David Ellefson was married to Julie Foley Ellefson on April 2, 1994.

They first started dating each other in 1988 and six years later shared their wedding vows. After 2 days of engagement, they married each other. 

Furthermore, the couple has been married for 27 years now. They even have two children, Roman Alexander, who is 25 years and Athena Grace, 22 years.

However, David is rumored to have hooked up with Alycen Rowse, according to whosdatedwho.

What Is The Scandal About?

Megadeath bassist David Ellefson’s sexually explicit footage was leaked online. 

He was pulled into a scandal where allegations were made that he groomed an underage female fan after “private, adult interactions” with the fan leaked over the weekend.

The controversy began when an Instagram user, @woahworst, started sharing what appeared to be text exchanges and an explicit video of Ellefson masturbating during a video chat.

The user also encouraged followers to spread the news.

Furthermore, David has responded to allegations saying the leaked materials were certainly embarrassing, but he also claims they were taken out of context and manipulated to inflict his reputation. 

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