Who Is Isaiah Stokes? Actor Wikipedia Age, Wife And Net Worth

Who Is Isaiah Stokes? Law & Order Actor Indicted For Murder

Who Is Isaiah Stokes? Law & Order Actor Indicted For Murder

Isaiah Stokes is an actor from Law & Order. Stokes, 41 was indicted of murder. Here are the Wikipedia details. 

Imagine acting in a TV series related to crimes and being accused of murder in real life. This may sound like an episode of Law & Order. However, this actually took place!

The irony is the actor was a Law & Order cast himself. He has been identified as Isaiah Stokes. 

Who Is Isaiah Stokes? Law & Order Actor Accused of Murder

Isaiah Stokes is a former Law & Order actor indicated of murder.

It is alleged that Stokes shot 37 years old man named Tyrone Jones on Feb 7, 2021. The incident took place at the corner of Linden Blvd. and 200th St. in St. Albans.

Isaiah Stokes is 41 years old age.

The investigators discovered Stokes’s identity by tracking his rented Audi, which he had used in the alleged crime. Similarly, they also retrieved 10 shell casings from a 9mm weapon from the crime scene.

Apparently, Jones and Stokes were going under bad blood for a while now and the latter was even afraid for his life. It is even suspected that they fought on Jones’s birthday last year.  

Isaiah Stokes was eventually arrested for the shooting on Friday. Now, Isaiah Stokes is facing charges of second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. 

Isaiah Stokes Wikipedia: His Wife and Family Bio

Isaiah Stokes doesn’t have descriptive Wikipedia.

He was born in Queens, New York City. However, Isaiah Stokes grew up with his family in South Jamaica. Besides, both his father and grandfather were well-known musicians. 

The actor later moved back to the United States. In1998, he attended Delaware State University and pursued a degree in pursued Accounting and Business Management.

During his college years, Stokes revived his passion for music and art. He launched the student organization named “From Our Neighborhood To Yours (FONTY)”, which later became his record label.

It is not clear if Isaiah Stokes married his wife in between the success. However, it is speculated that Stokes got into a fight in the first place after an unidentified flirted with Jones’ girlfriend. 

How Much Does Isaiah Stokes Own in Net Worth?

Isaiah Stokes might have collected a decent net worth from his decades of an acting career.

He started his career in 2006 with the video Killa Season. Last time, he was seen as Mozzy in Power (2019). However, his actual fortune is under review.

Besides acting, he is also involved in rapping and music. Yet, Isaiah Stokes’s recent murder indication has put his whole career under halt.

Moreover, the police have stated that Sokes has had several previous drug arrests and gang ties. 

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