Who Is Jack Mallers? Strike CEO Wikipedia And Net Worth

Who Is Strike Founder And CEO Jack Mallers? Wikipedia And Net Worth

Who Is Strike Founder And CEO Jack Mallers? Wikipedia And Net Worth

Find out Strike founder and CEO Jack Mallers on Wikipedia. Here is what we know about his age and net worth.

Jack is a businessman, money manager, and financial backer. He has always been known for his bitcoin mining.

In 2017, he created an application named Zap for instant and more accessible bitcoin mining. The app even helped his family’s cannabis business.

Is Jack Mallers On Wikipedia?

Jack Mallers is not on Wikipedia yet.

However, it’s just a matter of time until we find the businessman on the popular wiki site.

For now, we can learn about him via his Instagram and Twitter accounts. He has 1.6 thousand and 121.6 thousand followers, respectively.

Jack Age: How Old Is He?

Jack Mallers age is 27 years old.

Reportedly, he was born on April 9, 1994, in Chicago, Illinois. Thus, we can confirm his nationality as American.

Recently, Nayib Bukele revealed his plans to adopt bitcoin as legal tender.

If the legislation is introduced, El Salvador will be the world’s first sovereign nation to start cryptocurrency legally.

His Net Worth Explored

Currently, there are no precise details on Jack Mallers’s net worth.

However, we can predict that his worth is not less than a million.

He has been continuously increasing his assets which might one day make him the richest man.

Who Is Strike Founder And CEO Jack Mallers?

Apart from Zap, Jack Mallers is also the founder and CEO of Strike.

Speaking about the application, Strike helps people to pay in bitcoin or dollars. Anyone wishing to receive bitcoins can directly send funds to their Zap Lightning wallet via the app.

The recent bitcoin update in El Salvador has revealed that Strike will partner with the country. President Bukele is planning to build modern financial infrastructure using digital currency.

Moreover, the young man has not been married yet. Thus, we have nothing to share about his wife and family.

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