Who is Jacob Blake? Jacob Blake Wiki, Age, Bio, Kenosha Shooting Video

Who is Jacob Blake? Kenosha Shooting Video and More

Who is Jacob Blake? Kenosha Shooting Video and More

Jacob Blake is a 29 years old American citizen living in Kenosha, Wisconsin who was shot by a police officer several times on Sunday, August 23, 2020. The man was shot in front of his family when he approached for the front seat of his car disobeying the police officers nearby.

This tragic incident has resulted in huge protests and has added fuel to fire for the public and police relationship which has still not recovered from the incident of George Floyd. This incident is proof that police officers in the US are using more force than that is necessary at the expense of the life of citizens whom they are supposed to protect.

There were rumors that the man was dead after the incident but the reports are false and he is alive and hopefully will recover soon. We pray for his family and children who had to go through this unthinkable incident.

Name Jacob Blake
Age 29
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Children 3

10 Facts About Jacob Blake

  1. Jacob Blake is 29 years old. His exact date of birth has not been shared with the public.
  2. He is engaged and has children. Name and details about his family members have not been shared.
  3. According to the police department, after the incident, Jacob Blake was taken to Hospital in Milwaukee.
  4. According to  Blake‘s brother, Blake had surgery and was in the intensive care unit. He is in stable condition and is recovering in the hospital.
  5. Blake’s three sons were in the back seat of the car when he was shot 7 times repeatedly when he approached the front seat.
  6. His ethnicity is African American.
  7. The incident was recorded and shared on social media. The video is very unfortunate and hard to watch.
  8. The Wisconsin Department of Justice has stated it would lead the investigation of the event.
  9. The police officer involved has been placed on administrative leave.
  10. The county declared a state of emergency overnight curfew after the incident.

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