Who is Jadez From Twitch? Vrchat, Twitch, Face reveal, Age, Instagram

Jadez Face Reveal: Who is Jadez From Twitch?

Jadez Face Reveal: Who is Jadez From Twitch?

With a reputation as a full-body user and roleplayer who is recognized for impressive voice acting skills, Jadez is a Twitch streamer. Preferably, Jadez does VR chat streaming and sometimes goes just chatting.

Jadez is one of the interesting characters personally. She impersonates different people using avatars, pretending to be them. In fact, she pranked Rolgator impersonating both shimmyTimmyJerry and Flynn. Moreover, she has also participated in Elimination RP, portraying various characters on April 13.

Quick Facts: Jadez Face Reveal: Who is Jadez From Twitch?

Name Jadez
Gender Female
Profession Twitch Star
Twitter @jadezvr

10 Facts About Jadez

  1. Who is Jadez From Twitch? Jadez is a beautiful streamer for a beautiful audience. she is a live Twitch streamer.
  2.  Being designated as a Twitch streamer, Jadez has a verified twitch account under the name @jadez. On her Twitch, she has 15.5k followers.
  3. We can also find Jadez in Twitter Bio. She is available on Twitter with just 1.9k followers and 2 followings.
  4. While discussing Jadez’s age, we’re quite unfamiliar with her date of birth. Therefore, her age is still out of vision.
  5. Despite being an online celebrity, we’re unable to find Jadez’s bio on the official age of Wikipedia. Nonetheless, one can get to her through these listed facts.
  6. Most importantly, Jadez is known for her impressive voice acting skills of being capable of speaking with both a male and female voice. Moreover, she also has various accents for her characters.
  7. VRchat fandom reveals that Jadez is a trans-woman. Thus, she has gone through several vocal pieces of training.
  8. We’re unable to fetch information regarding her Instagram as we’ve not found any Instagram account under her name.
  9. On April 3, 2020, Jadez had participated in the Soda and xQc Elimination Dating game show as well as a follow-up dating show with HasanAbi and xQc.
  10. Jadez is yet to make her face reveal. Despite the fact, she is already one of the most talked-about personalities in VRchat.

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