Who is Jane Tennant? NCIS Wikipedia, Age And Net Worth

Who is Jane Tennant? Everything To Know About Her

Who is Jane Tennant? Everything To Know About Her

As CBS has announced NCIS: Hawaii, fans are searching for the new actress, Jane Tennant on the internet!

NCIS, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, is one of the most popular shows for CBS. During its 10th season, it became the most-watched TV series in America. Now, a new spinoff will feature Jane Tennant on the lead. 

Who is Jane Tennant? Meet the new NCIS actress on Wikipedia

Jane Tennant’s Wikipedia bio is not available for now. 

Jane Tennant is an American actress. She is a very new face in the industry. Her most notable works include NCIS: Hawaii to date. In fact, her previous filmography also seems very deserted. 

It is alleged that Jane Tennant will join NCIS: Hawaii. 

NCIS Hawaii is the third spinoff of the hit CBS show NCIS. This time, the crime series will feature a completely new team and Jane will lead the show. Furthermore, she will become the first Special Agent in Charge of NCIS Pearl.

Jane Tennant’s Age 

Jane Tennant’s age is not disclosed yet.

The NCIS production team is doing everything to protect Jane’s privacy right now. They want her revelation to be grand with no spoilers. Therefore, Jane Tennant’s photo remains hidden from the public. 

The actress is a mysterious girl with more mysterious life. There is no information about Jane Tennant’s husband or family. In the like manner, Jane Tennant is private in social media such as Twitter and Instagram,

Her Net Worth 

Jane Tennant’s net worth yields her a decent fortune as of 2021.

Jane is set to become the first leading female actress in the NCIS franchise. It is estimated that the leading casts of NCIS earn $175,000 USD per episode. Therefore, we are doubtless that Jane’s contract is around the same value as well. 

NCIS is an American fiction show that revolves around solving crimes. It has been renewed for 18 seasons with spinoffs like NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS: Los Angeles. 

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