Who is Jazmin Bean? Wikipedia, Without Makeup, Instagram

Jazmin Bean

Jazmin Bean

Jazmin Bean is a singer, songwriter, makeup artist based in London, and a non-binary personality. They have also founded a makeup brand of herself known as Cult Candy Cosmetics and uses makeup most of the time. Jazmin takes the pronoun as non-binary people do and they have a very highly stylized vision of makeup, songs, and glamour.

Available on social media sites, Bean could freak some people out, especially the people who have a heteronormative idea of existence and very narrow-minded views. But if we are talking bout talent, Jazmin can kick some ass and their aesthetics is out of this world. They could be considered a glam pop icon but Jean still hasn’t cracked that mainstream success they want to.

Name Jazmin Bean
Gender Non Binary
Nationality British
Profession Singer
Instagram @jazminbean
Twitter @abortjazminbean
Youtube Jazmin bean

Jazmin Bean Without Makeup

Jazmin has stuck with the makeup consistently on all of her public appearances and the above pic might be the closest thing to no makeup Jazmin Bean we will ever see.

Otherwise, they have pictures with makeup looking like a rag doll, a genderless monster, and other creatures that closest is resembled by alien life.

10 Interesting Facts About Jazmin Bean 

  1. Jazmin Bean is a pop singer based in London, UK, and a former friend of popular singer Melaine Martinez who had a falling out with Bean.
  2. Jazmin appears to be on the young side but the exact details about how old they are haven’t been a matter of public knowledge.
  3. Bean’s beauty aesthetic is pretty simple as told by themselves- to appear like a genderless monster.
  4. Jazmin uses extensive makeup all over her face and appears to be a creature that honestly looks like an alien from another galaxy.
  5. Jazmin also has a Youtube channel named Jazmin Bean where she uploads her songs frequently.
  6. The details about her height and body measurements are still unknown but she appears to be petite in some of the pictures.
  7. Bean has 324 thousand Instagram followers.
  8. Jazmin’s net worth is still not known to the world.
  9. Jazmin has established a makeup brand named Cult Candy Cosmetics which reflects their sensibilities.
  10. Bean also has a Twitter handle under the username @abortjazminbean



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