Who is Jeffrey Nicholas Texas? Everything On Wikipedia Wife And Family

Was Jeffrey Nicholas Arrested? Concho County Sheriffs Murder And Details

Was Jeffrey Nicholas Arrested? Concho County Sheriffs Murder And Details

Who is Jeffrey Nicholas Texas? Here is everything about the suspect, including his Wikipedia and family. 

Two Concho County sheriffs were shot and killed in a shootout that took place on Monday night. The late-night shootout saw two police officers dead and injured a civilian currently being treated in a nearby hospital. 

The police have arrested a man named Jeffrey Nicholas, who is the prime suspect. He allegedly opened fire and killed police officers who were following him.

Those officers were behind him for 30 minutes as the suspect fled the scene. 

Who is Jeffrey Nicholas? 

Jeffrey Nicholas is a prime suspect in a police shooting in Texas.

He started the gunfire when two police officers tried to stop his car and attempted to get him out of the vehicle. He clearly disagreed, and two police officers were killed on the spot.

Following the shooting, he fled the crime scene and congested himself inside his house in the town of Eden, as per witnesses.

But the Eden mayor Pete Torres convinced him to surrender as both of them lived in the same neighborhood. 

Jeffrey Nicholas Wikipedia Bio: Everything To Know About Him

Jeffrey Nicholas doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography until now. 

However, there is no shortage of the flow of articles about him after the shootout incident.

As of now, we cannot find any history of violence or crime connected to him. 

The suspect is 28 years old and is a Texas resident.

However, his religion and ethnicity remain yet to be known. 

His Wife And Family

Jeffrey Nicholas hasn’t shared anything about his wife and family.

In fact, he is arrested and yet to be present in court. So, the suspect didn’t have any chance to give any information regarding his wife and family. 

Sources say that the bond for Jeffrey Nicholas is set at $4 million.

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