Who Is Jen Cotten? Damian Warner Partner and Baby Boy

Who Is Jen Cotten? Damian Warner Partner and Baby Boy – Theo

Who Is Jen Cotten? Damian Warner Partner and Baby Boy – Theo

Who is Jen Cotten? Well, she is Olympian Damian Warner’s partner. Learn about her and baby boy Theo in the article given below.

Jen Cotten is a Canadian track and field athlete. Nowadays, she is recognized through her partner’s identity.

Her partner, Damian Warner, is an Olympics gold medalist. Recently, he has become an internet sensation after winning a gold medal in the decathlon in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 

Winning the gold medal, he has become the fourth decathlete in history to break 9000 points in the Olympics. 

News of Damian’s partner and his whole hometown waiting for his welcome is getting internet attention. We can see lots of people getting interested in Jen Cotten as well. 

Who Is Jen Cotten? Damian Warner Partner

Jen Cotten is the partner and better half of Olympics gold medalist Damian Warner. Recently, Damian’s win has attracted lots of attention towards his partner, Jen Cotten. 

She was born with the name Jennifer Cotten but now is known as Jen Cotten. Considering her nationality, she is a Canadian and looks to be of white ethnicity.

Besides her linked identity with her Olympian partner, Jen herself is a track and field athlete. She specializes in hurdling and is an expert sprinter. 

As for her talent, she is worth the Olympics, but currently, she is not competing in any events.  

In recent times, Jen and Damian are getting linked so much, but Damian barely mentions her in his interviews. However, the couple seems to be happy together. They also have a baby boy. 

Jen is supportive of her partner. She is super excited about meeting him as a gold medalist. 

Damian Warner’s Wife To Be Jen Cotten’s Age

Damian Warner’s wife to be Jen Cotten age is now 33 years old. She was born on 14 October 1987 in Canada. 

Meanwhile, her partner is 31 years old. He was born on 4 November 1989 in London, Ontario, Canada.

Jen Cotten’s Baby Boy Theo – Is He Adopted?

Jen Cotten and her partner Damian Warner had welcomed a baby boy named Theo in March 2021. Their baby has added lots of joy to their relationship.

Jen had given birth to the son five months back, so he is not adopted. In an interview, Damian mentioned, his son will not remember his Olympics victory as he is small, but they will have photos for proof. 

Baby boy Theo will be proud of his dad as he grows up. 

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