Who Is Jexif On Tiktok? Age, Real Name, Instagram, Bio

Who Is Jexif On Tiktok? Age, Real Name, Instagram, Bio

Who Is Jexif On Tiktok? Age, Real Name, Instagram, Bio

The TikTok star, Jexif is known for his awesome videos in TikTok where he has a huge fan following.

Jexif is a very talented artist who makes TikTok videos who frequently keep the videos of Diamond testing among his teachers. Below are some of the selected 10 facts about Jexif.

Name Jexif
Gender Male
Profession TikTok Star
Instagram w.h.o.a.s.k.e.d
Tiktok DiamondTesterKid

10 Facts About Jexif

  1. Who Is Jexif On Tiktok? well, Jexif is a talented TikTok star who mostly keeps the videos of the diamond testing among his teachers.
  2. While mentioning his TikTok profile, Jexif has 632.4k followers and 9.3 million likes where he gets the best response from his followers and fans.
  3. Since Jexif has not revealed his real name and his identity so it is not fair to say that his real name is Jexif.
  4. Jexif has neither revealed his age nor his birthplace and birthdate. However, he seems to be at the age of 18-25 years old.
  5. On Instagram, he has 3k+ followers who genuinely support his talent. On social media, he is actively involved in the creation of new videos.
  6. TikTok star Jexif’s face has not been revealed as he keeps his face under the masks due to which only his hair is recognizable.
  7. Furthermore, Jexif has not given any information about his personal life to the media. He prefers to live in the present moment.
  8. Since Jexif likes to keep his personal information to himself, his parents and family members’ details are not known to this date.
  9. From the Tiktok videos of Jexif, he seems to be of Black ethnicity with short dreadlock hair. Although he has not revealed his face yet, he seems to have a great personality.
  10. His nationality including his relationship status and his dating life is under shade. However, it seems that he is not dating anyone and his relationship status is single.

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