Who Is Johnson Files On TikTok? Meet The Duo On Instagram

Who Is Johnson Files On TikTok? Meet The Duo On Instagram

Who Is Johnson Files On TikTok? Meet The Duo On Instagram

The Johnson Files Tiktok duo has many wondering what their real names are. Find out the net worth of the social media stars. 

The Johnson Files is a comedic duo available on IGTV who has have gained massive popularity from their viral videos. 

Their hilarious skits of daily life situations and incidents have been well-liked by fans on all their social media platforms. 

More can be learned about them from their own personal website. 

The Johnson Files on TikTok 

The Johnson Flies’s TikTok account @johnsonflies currently, has more than 52.9k followers and has amassed over 1 million likes in total. 

Their funny skits have captured the attention of many people. 


The things they come up with… 😂 ##bedtime ##bedtimeexcuses ##comedy ##funny ##johnsonfiles ##kidsaretheworst ##momlife

♬ original sound – The Johnson Files

Likewise, they also have a Youtube channel “Johnson Flies”

The Johnson Files: Comedic Duo’s real names

The Johnson Flies is a comedic duo of husband and wife and their real names are Shaun Johnson and Nicole Johnson.

They met in Utah which is where Shaun is from while working as youth camp counselors.

They grew closer and eventually got married. 

Shau has been doing improv for 12 years now and he incorporates comedy in everything he does. 

This worked out well as his wife, Nicole also got into comedy and they formed “The Johnson Flies”

Meet The Johnson Files on Instagram

The Johnson Flies is an Instagram comedy channel formed by Shaun and Nicole @johnsonflies. 

Their bio says “Bringing laughter to sometimes a hard world” and has a linktr.ee. 

They have over 161k followers at the moment and have been posting various comedy videos. 

What is The Johnson Files’s Net Worth?

There is no information on The Johnson Flies’s net worth at the moment. 

As really popular social media personalities, it is not a doubt that their TikTok videos, Youtube channel, and IGTV brings them a lot of income. 

Furthermore, aside from comedy, they both have successful careers. 

Nicole is an accomplished photographer and teaches piano as well, while Shaun has worked in the technology, advertising, and pharmaceutical industries.

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