Who is Josh Swain? Fight Meme Age Wikipedia And Net Worth

Josh Swain Age Wikipedia And Family: Who Is He?

Josh Swain Age Wikipedia And Family: Who Is He?

The viral tweet, fight for the right to the name “Josh Swain” exploded on the internet with thousands of memes being made.

Josh Swain is an Arizona student who is popular for being the original inventor of the “Josh Fight”.

The said man in boredom, came up with the stupid yet brilliant idea to have people named as him, fight for the right to the name last April.

He made a Facebook group with all the Joshs he could find, took a random location in Google Maps, and challenged all to battle.

Josh Swain Fight 

Josh Swain invented “Josh Fight” which took place on April 24, 2021, at Air Green Area in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Previously meant as a joke, the “Josh Fight” had hundreds of attendees with tons of non-Josh viewers cheering for “Josh”. The Joshs came in a spiderman costume, Jedi costume, and so on, armed with their pool noodle.

The fight was a “Pool Noodle Battle Royale” as dubbed by many. Before fight two Josh Swain came forward and had a righteous battle of “Rock Scissors, and Paper”.

After a long fight, Joshua Vinson Jr. was crowned the winner with a burger king crown. The 4-year-old attended the even with his dad, Joshua Vinson Jr.

Josh Fight Meme and Wikipedia 

Josh Fight has a Wikipedia dedicated to it and an article on the Knowyourmeme site.

After a screenshot of the Facebook Messenger group chat was posted on the internet, it quickly went viral with many making memes about the fight.

The fight had no violence involved and the organizer, the original Josh Swain, managed to amass over $8700 dollars for charity 

Josh Swain Age and Family 

Josh Swain is 22 years of age.

So far we have no information on the personal details of the “Josh Fight” inventor.

Josh Swain has also not disclosed any information on his family, although we do believe that they are really proud of what the said man achieved.

Likewise, there is also no information on Josh Swain’s net worth.

He had managed to collect over $8700 dollars for the Children’s hospital and medical center foundation.







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