Who is Julian Elie Khater? Arrested, Wife And Family: Brian Sicknick Assault

Breaking: Julian Elie Khater Arrested, Wife And Family Facts

Breaking: Julian Elie Khater Arrested, Wife And Family Facts

Julian Elie Khater Arrested Who is Julian Elie Khater? Know about Brian Sicknick attacker’s wife and family from this post.

Two men have been charged with assault on the U.S. Capitol Police officers on March 15, 2021.

As per The Washington Times, Among 3 victims, officer Brian Sicknick died after responding to the riots. Two other officers were C. Edwards, and a D.C. police officer identified as B. Chapman.

The name of the two attackers is Julian Elie Khater and George Pierre Tanios.

Read until the end to know about the incident, victims and attacker.

Capitol Riot Julian Elie Khater Arrested

Julian Elie Khater is one of the prime suspects in Officer Brian Sicknick’s assault case.

Julian and his partner George Tanios were assaulting the officer by using bear spray on January 6 2020. However, it was not determined whether the exposure caused his death.

According to the reports, Julian Elie Khater is 32 years of age. He hails from Pennsylvania.

The victim officer Brian Sicknick was 42 years of age. He died on January 7, 2021.

Julian Elie Khater Wife And Family Update

Until now there is no information presented about Julian Elie Khater’s wife, children, or family.

The story is being developed slowly. They will be disclosed very soon.

Brian Sicknick Assault: Who is George Tanios?

Brain Sicknick is another prime attacker in the scene.

He is 39 years of age and resides in West Virginia.

Both Khater and Tanios can be seen in video footage where Khater allegedly asks for the beer cans with Tanios. About 10 minutes later Khater is seen on video discharging a bear canister into the face of Sicknick and two other officers.

Khater and Tanios are charged with nine counts including assaulting three officers with a deadly weapon. They were arrested Sunday and are expected to appear in federal court Monday.

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