Who Is Julie Burchill? Wiki Husband And Net Worth

What Did Journalist Julie Burchill Say? Controversial Tweet Explained

What Did Journalist Julie Burchill Say? Controversial Tweet Explained

Julie Burchill is in hot water for her recent tweet. Her Wiki details are explored in the article below.

Burchill is a journalist who published a lengthy apology for defamatory statements about journalist Ash Sarkar.

Well, Burchill is also a renowned author and novelist. Her Sugar Rush novel which was published in 2004 was also adapted for television.

Who Is Julie Burchill?

Julie Burchill is an English journalist.

She began her career at the age of 17, as a writer at the New Musical Express (NME).

Moreover, she has already contributed to newspapers such as The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times, and The Guardian as well.

Burchill Wiki Explored

Julie Burchill Wiki is within easy reach on the Web.

In fact, she has a well-maintained Wikipedia page under her name.

From her Wikipedia, one can easily pile up information about her early life and education, writing and broadcasting career, personal life, and media criticism.

Burchill Husband: Is She Married?

Burchill is currently married to her husband, Daniel Raven.

In fact, she married for the third time to Raven in 2004, around 13 years junior, and the brother of her former lover Charlotte Raven.

Previously, she was married to Tony Parsons and Cosmo Landesman. 

Burchill was married to Parsons at the age of 21. She left him three years later, leaving behind a son.

Then, she was married to Landesman, the son of Fran and Jay Landesman. She split from Landesman in 1992.

Lights On His Net Worth

Julie Burchill net worth is definitely in the millions.

As a multifaceted personality, she has earned a hefty sum of money through her journalism career.

Her Controversial Tweet Explained

Columnist Julie Burchill was included in the ‘racial and misogynist’ controversial tweet.

She posted a series of defamatory tweets about Ash Sarkar which claims that Sarkar condones paedophilia and is supportive of Islamist terrorism.

Her Twitter has not faced suspension so far now.

However, she has apologized to the activist and journalist Ash Sarkar, and also agreed to pay her substantial damages.


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