Who Is Kate Farmer Wants A Wife? Age Last Name And Instagram

Who Is Kate Farmer Wants A Wife? Meet Her On Instagram

Who Is Kate Farmer Wants A Wife? Meet Her On Instagram

What is the age of Kate, the contestant from Farmer Wants a Wife? Her age is not known, but she seems to be in the mid-’30s.

Farmer Wants A Wife is preparing to kick off its 2021 season harder than a bull in a rodeo pen and you can bet we’ll be tuning in.

Channel Seven revived the reality dating series last year and while it kept mostly to tradition, there sure was a whole lot more drama than we remembered the original having.

In the show, the Farmers take the leap and introduce their ladies to family and friends ahead of the next farewell dinner, and an unexpected departure blindsides one Farmer. 

Who Is Kate Farmer Wants A Wife?

Kate is one of the contestants for the game show Farmer Wants a Wife. 

Farmer Wants A Wife is one of the world’s most successful reality dating franchises, with 99 marriages and 225 beautiful babies created worldwide as a result of the show.

There are five farmers, that’s Alex, Neil, Sam, Harry, and Nick. They have to choose eight women from a large pool of hundreds, who they believe will make ideal marriage material. 

Likewise, in the show, the farmer Kate is looking to date is Harry. 

The show saw some huge wins, resulting in nine marriages and 20 children in Australia.  

Further, we do not have clear answers on information regarding Kate’s family, and parents. Moreover, she is originally from Adelaide, which is the capital city of South Australia. 

Currently, she is living in Gold Coast, Australia.

Similarly, her ethnic details have not been discovered. But she holds Australian nationality.

Kate Age

Kate’s age is not revealed yet. 

However, looking at her physical appearance, she seems to fall in the age group of 32-36 years old. 

What Is Kate Last Name?

Kate’s last name is Mason, as per her Instagram. 

Is Meet Kate On Instagram?

Yes, Kate is active on Instagram. Fans and viewers can follow her under the username @kateastrify.

So far she has over 2k followers along with 2303 posts. 

Kate seems to be fond of traveling which can be seen through her IG posts. She has also shared good memories with her family members which can be seen on her Instagram. 

What Is Kate Job? 

Kate’s job is she works as a psychologist. 

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