Who Is kaytstikkytok aka @kaytstikkytok? Kays Buss It TikTok Challenge Explained

Who Is kaytstikkytok aka @kaytstikkytok? Kays Buss It TikTok Challenge Explained

Who Is kaytstikkytok aka @kaytstikkytok? Kays Buss It TikTok Challenge Explained

kaytstikkytok is a well-known TikTok star who has around 3.5 thousand followers on her official TikTok account. However, her new bio on her account which reads: “why are y’all like this” (along with a crying emoji) says that she is not happy with the TikTok community.

But, why is she not happy? You are at the right place to find out about this controversy. We will be talking about the details regarding it so do stick to this article until the very end.

Who Is kaytstikkytok aka @kaytstikkytok? 

First of all, you must know who kaytstikkytok aka @kaytstikkytok really is. Like we mentioned earlier, kaytstikkytok is a TikTok but if we look at her TikTok account, you will have doubts why she is called a star as she has very few followers.

But, something might have gone wrong which is why she seems not to be happy with the people on Tiktok. In fact, she has also deleted all her TikTok videos. 

What Is ‘Kays Buss It TikTok Challenge’?

Kays’ Buss It TikTok Challenge is probably named after kaytstikkytok as it is believed that she was the one who started it. But, we do not really have any proof to prove our sentence as there is not even a single TikTok video on Kays’ account.

Basically, Kays’ Buss It TikTok Challenge is another dance challenge on TikTok inspired by the song by Erica Banks, Buss It. Just like other challenges, you need to dance to that song and record your video on TikTok.

How To Do Buss It Challenge On TikTok?

Now, let’s move on to the tutorial of the Buss It Challenge. The first thing you need to do is arrange all the required materials – a phone and an extra new outfit for the video.


♬ son original – buss it challenge

The main reason we mentioned ‘new outfit’ is that you need to change your outfit once the beat changes. All you need to do in this challenge is to twerk and hence, we suggest you learn some basic twerking before recording your video. 

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