Who Is Kelsey Rhae TikTok? Her Age And Instagram Bio

Who Is Kelsey Rhae TikTok? Meet Her On Instagram

Who Is Kelsey Rhae TikTok? Meet Her On Instagram

Who is Kelsey Rhae on Tiktok? Rhae of age around mid 20s is rising as a TikTok star. Lets find the details on her bio here.

Claiming herself as an all-natural mama, Kelsey makes informative videos on Tiktok and YouTube.

She has gained popularity for her natural home birth video on her social media platforms. 

Who Is Kelsey Rhae On TikTok?

Kelsey Rhae is a TikTok star under username @kelseyrhae.

She is recently gaining fame on the platform as she shares different child care tips.

Similarly, she has earned 670.3k followers on her account and has received 6.5 million likes for her content on TikTok.

She first began gaining fame when she began sharing about her home birth journey on the platform.


I’ve paid for my past and came through. It’s MY story and I speak my truth on my time. Not from being bullied. So I guess all you’ll have is google 🙃

♬ Everybody want to know – viral

She also makes videos about fitness and health stuff.

Her Age: How Old Is Kelsey?

Kelsey Rhae’s age seems to be in the late-20s.

The details on her exact age and date of birth are not revealed.

However, we estimated her age based on her recent pictures.

Also, her full name is Kelsey Rhae Mixon-Riles.

Her Bio: Nationality And Ethnicity

Kelsey Rhae’s bio remains undocumented.

Her nationality is American, and we are not sure about her ethnicity.

Though not much is known about her life, one of her life incidents is documented on the internet.

According to Live 5 News, Kelsey, along with 3 other people, was arrested for an attempted murder charge.

The incident took place in South Carolina, back in 2011. 

Kelsey is said to be only 17 years at the time.

Kelsey Rhae Boyfriend

Kelsey Rhae’s boyfriend goes by the name Eric.

Not much information is revealed about him.

However, the pair now have a beautiful family together.

The pair is now raising 3 beautiful children together.

Kelsey recently gave birth to the daughter on June 2021.

Meet Her On Instagram

Kelsey is available on Instagram under the handle @hey_itskelseyehae.

She is an active user of Instagram and has amassed 62.2 k followers on her account.

Most of her posts on the platform are related to parenting stuff.

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