Who is Kerrion Franklin Mother? Age, Siblings And Net Worth

Who is Kerrion Franklin Biological Mother? Meet Kirk Franklin’s Son On Instagram

Who is Kerrion Franklin Biological Mother? Meet Kirk Franklin’s Son On Instagram

Who Is Kerrion Franklin Biological Mother? Age Net Worth Instagram: Read everything about him in this article.

Kerrion Franklin Biological Mother has not been revealed. But, we know that he was born to his father’s ex-spouse.

Professionally known as an auteur, producer, and cinematographer, he is famous for his works like Mike, Guy Who Takes Everything Too Literally, Cartwheels and Backflips, Comedy Bit: Trash, etc. He is also the owner of Swank Media LLC

Kerrion Franklin Mother: Was He Adopted?

Kerrion Franklin’s biological mother is not known to us. He is widely known for being Kirk Franklin‘s son.

Some sites claim that his other parent is Tammy Collins. But, this assumption is not true. According to his father’s official Wikipedia, Kerrion was born from Kirk‘s previous relationship. He started living with Tammy only in 1996.

Well, Kerrion doesn’t have full siblings. However, he has three half-siblings Carrington Franklin, Caziah Franklin, Kennedy Franklin. According to Ebony, his father’s sister had been incarcerated for 30 years.

Kerrion Franklin Age And Net Worth Explored

Kerrion Franklin’s age is exactly 33 years. We know that he was born in 1988, but we are not sure about his birthday.

He was just 8 years old when his father married another woman. N

ow, at the age of 33, he has his own job and has become a successful auteur earning enough money to care for himself. However, Kerrion Franklin net worth is not revealed yet.

Moving on to his height, we are clueless regarding how tall Kerrion is. Although being rumored as bisexual, Kerrion is not actually gay. However, he has a lot of friends from the LGBTQ community.

Meet Kerrion On Instagram

Kerrion Franklin is active on Instagram, for sure. He has a total of 11.7 thousand followers under the username of @kerrionrashad.


Recently, Kerrion revealed that his father, Kirk, had been cussing on him and wanted to take him out. He even shared audio on his Instagram profile showing how abusive his father gets to him.

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