Who is Kiana Parker? Net Worth, Chet Hanks Girlfriend Age Instagram

Who is Chet Hanks Girlfriend Kiana Parker? Meet Her On Instagram

Who is Chet Hanks Girlfriend Kiana Parker? Meet Her On Instagram

Chet Hanks former girlfriend Kiana Parker has been on media following the fight. Know her net worth and every other tiny detail here. 

Kiana Parker has recently been a hot topic in media and news after the reports of a violent altercation have emerged between Kiana and Chet.

Kiana is the ex-girlfriend of Chet Hanks, Chet Hanks is the son of the popular star Tom Hanks.

Kiana was captured attacking Chet in a video that emerged on January 8.

Chet also exclaimed that Kiana charged at him with a knife and on-camera she looks to be swiping at him with a pot. Kiana denied the allegations.

According to The U.S. Sun, Kiana claims she came by to move out and that Chet grabbed a knife to intimidate her, which is why she grabbed the pot to defend herself.

Quick Facts:

Name Kiana Parker
Gender Female
Nationality American-African
Profession Entreprenuer
Parents Kenneth Parker, Katie Williams Parker
Siblings Kenneth Parker Jr., Kenyatta Parker, Kwame Parker
Children Kay’Lee, Kay’Cee Oliver
Divorce Divorced
Instagram iamkianaparker

Kiana Parker Net Worth

Parker’s net worth is around $500 thousand.

However, the official amount is yet to be revealed. Kiana has mentioned her job title on her Instagram bio, she is an entrepreneur.

To date, Kiana had two businesses, Shop Foreign Pieces and a virgin hair supplier called Foreign Hair Extensions.

If we were to guess her net worth she might be around $200 thousand.

Meet her on Instagram

Kiana has her Instagram under username @iamkianaparker and her follower’s count is around 14.1k.

She has deleted all old posts after the domestic violence allegation.

Other than Instagram she has a Facebook account and she doesn’t seem to be on Twitter.

Kiana Age: How old is she?

Currently, we do not have information regarding her age but she is the mother of twins named Kay’Lee and Kay’Cee Coliver.

Both daughters are from a previous relationship with Michaiah.

Parker’s age seems to be in the 30s. 

She does not have a wiki page on her.

Kiana Parker Fight: What happened?

As of 30th March 2021, a judge ordered the suspension of Chet’s handgun license. 

The fight took place in Chet’s residence in Sugarland, Texas in January 2021.

Both parties are denying the allegations and blaming each other.

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