Who Is Kirsten Titus Aka PepperoniMuffin Tiktok?

Who Is Kirsten Titus Tiktok? Meet Pepperonimuffin On Instagram

Who Is Kirsten Titus Tiktok? Meet Pepperonimuffin On Instagram

Pepperonimuffin aka Kirsten Titus recently shared a flash story on her Tiktok. She does not seem much bothered by the situation. 

Kirsten is a Tiktok star and social influencer. She is popular for her outgoing energy and comic style.

Furthermore, she has amassed over 936k followers on her Tiktok profile. 

Pepperonimuffin Flash: Who Is Kirsten Titus Aka PepperoniMuffin Tiktok?

Pepperonimuffin aka Kirsten Titus was the victim of an accidental flash.

Kirsten Titus is a TikTok content creator and online star. Recently, she posted an Instagram story showing off her bikini body.

However, the stories soon got massive attention as Kirsten Titus had accidentally flashed her private parts.

Kirsten talked about the incident on her Tiktok @pepperonimuffin.

In the video, Kristen showed how over 70 thousand people saw her flash story. Nevertheless, the Tiktoker took the situation lightly and joked about it.

Likewise, even her Tiktok video got viral in a short time. More than 630k people viewed her story clip within a span of 12 hours.

How Old Is Kirsten Titus?

Kirsten Titus is 24 years old in age.

The social star celebrates her birthday on March 13 every year. She was born in 1997.

Similarly, she currently resides in Provo, Utah. Thus, Kristen Titus is American by nationality. 

However, she is originally from Hawaii. Therefore, we speculate Kirsten Titus carries some Polynesian ethnicity, which is not confirmed to date.

Additionally, she graduated from Brigham Young University in 2021. She is a communication graduate and works as a Live Graphics operator. 

Everything About Her Boyfriend

Pepperonimuffin aka Kirsten Titus, once broke up with her boyfriend by making a Spotify playlist.

According to Kirsten, she dated the man (unidentified) casually. However, as the relationship did not work out, she broke up with him by sending him songs like Kinda Lovin” “But,” and “We Can Still Be Friends.”

Furthermore, Buzzfeed even featured the story on their page.

Kirsten is the middle child of her family. She has a younger sister named Erika and an older brother named Jacob. 

You can follow her on Instagram as @kirstenktitus. She enjoys over 98.5k followers on her IG profile. 

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