Who Is Kory Yeshua Tiktok? Viral Video On Critical Race Theory

What Is Critical Race Theory? Dad Kory Yeshua And Daughter Denounces It

What Is Critical Race Theory? Dad Kory Yeshua And Daughter Denounces It

Kory Yeshua TikTok video with his daughter has gone viral. What is Critical Race Theory? The viral video explained.

Yeshua is now a famous social media influencer based in California, United States.

The man claims himself as an American patriot and now has been all over the media amid his viral TikTok video on Critical Race Theory.

“Critical race theory believes that people with white skin are simply racist, not because of their behavior but simply because of the color of their skin.”

Currently, the theory is highly criticized by many people including Kory Yeshua.

Kory Yeshua TikTok 

Kory Yeshua TikTok account is @koryyeshua.

He has 273.6k followers on the platform with 5.5 million likes.

The man’s content on TikTok is quite unique from others. He is usually seen raising his voice on current affairs.

As of now, one of his videos on the platform has gone viral.

Continue reading to know everything about the viral video.

Kory Yeshua Viral Video On Critical Race Theory

Kory Yeshua’s TikTok video about Critical Race Theory has gone viral.

The video shows, Kory denouncing critical race theory along with his 6-year-old daughter, Royalty.

In the video, he is seen telling his daughter that she can be anything in the world and that she can be friends with anyone, regardless of their skin color.

The daughter’s response to her father’s talk is heart-melting.

The video alone has got millions of views and has been shared by some famous personalities.


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Also, the father-daughter duo is also featured by SkyNews. 

His Age: How Old Is His Daughter?

Kory Yeshua’s age seems to be in his mid-30s.

However, we are not sure about his exact age and date of birth.

Similarly, speaking of his daughter’s age, she is said to be only 6 years old.

Meet Kory Yeshua On Instagram

Mr. Yeshua is available on Instagram under the handle @koryyeshua.

He has 59k followers on his handle.

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