Who is Kylr Yust? Age Parents Wikipedia And Verdict Sentence: Trial Update

Kylr Yust Trial Update And Verdict: Everything To Know

Kylr Yust Trial Update And Verdict: Everything To Know

Kylr Yust is convicted of a double murder crime. Know about his age and trial update through this post.

Yust has been found guilty of the murder of two women. The women were killed a decade ago.

He is convicted of Voluntary Manslaughter aka Intentional killing of Kara Kopetsky and the death of Jessica Runions.

The jury deliberated for more than 15 hours and the verdict is made on Friday,15 April 2021.

Know what verdict has been made upon the convicted murderer by reading till the end.

Kylr Yust Age

Yust’s age is 32 years old as of March 2021.

His actual birth information is not public.

Kylr Yust Wikipedia And Parents

Kylr Yust’s name has not been featured on the Wikipedia website.

Likewise, Yust has remained silent about his parents. 

However, his crime news provides detailed information about him.

He was behind the bars awaiting his trials and has been suspected ever since Kara Kopetsky mysteriously vanished back in 2007.

Then again in September 2016, he became the prime suspect in the disappearance of another girl named Jessica Runions.

The remains of both girls were found in Cass County in April 2017.

The two girls, Kara and Jessica were 21 years old and 17 years old respectively.

Basically, Kyler Yust was the ex-boyfriend of Kara Kopetsky. They met in Belton, Missouri and broke up in April 2017.

Kylr Yust Verdict Update and Sentence

According to St. Charles County jury, the sentence for the intentional killing aka Voluntary Manslaughter is five to fifteen years.

Moreover, the sentence for second-degree murder is 10-15 years of life imprisonment.

The charge claims that Yust killed Kara Kopetsky when acting recklessly due to a fit of intense emotion. This was considered a lesser crime.

However, the Second Degree following Jessica Runions is undoubtedly a killing.

Kylr Yust Trial Livestream

Kyler Yust trial has been Livestream over various websites.

Furthermore, his trial updates are covered by many news studios. You can follow KMBC news for more updates. 

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