Who Is Leaving and Returning In The Show?

‘Southern Charm’ Season 7 Cast, Release Date Revealed: Who Is Leaving and Returning The Show?

‘Southern Charm’ Season 7 Cast, Release Date Revealed: Who Is Leaving and Returning The Show?

Southern Charm Season 7 is officially returning on the BravoTV. The show will be premiered significantly late this year because of delayed filming and the coronavirus pandemic. It has been over a year since season 6 was wrapped up and fans have been waiting for next season for a while now. 

“Southern Charm” is the American reality series that profiles the lives of socialists in Charleston, South Carolina. It reveals their world and lives of the generations of native families in Charleston, S.C. These socialists are bound by tradition and ostentation and are responsible to preserve their family’s name and reputation. They give us the real-life look at how they live their modern-day Southern aristocracy lives which is very different from any other culture in America.

Over the six seasons of the show, many of the cast members were added while some left the show. And in season 7, they have lost yet another member of the show.

So, who is leaving and returning the show in the upcoming season of Southern Charm? Here are more details on the seventh season of the show which is going to be premiered later this year.

Southern Charm Season 7: Release date

The production for the 7th season of the show officially began in February which was a little late compared to previous seasons. Moreover, the filming got postponed again due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Anyhow, after having such a long break, the casts kind of came in full steam ahead according to Southern Charm’s cast Craig Conover. The cast has been spotted out and about despite this pandemic situation and the shooting is still not over. So it might take time for the show to be released.

The other seasons typically start around summer but this year it is anticipated to be significantly late. BravoTV did announce that the show will premiere season 7 later this year but the exact date of release is yet to be revealed.

Southern Charm Season 7: Cast

Since the show is unscripted and focuses on the lives of high profile socialites in Charleston, the cast members are the most important part of the storyline.

The main cast on the previous season was Craig Conover, Kathryn Dennis, Cameran Eubanks, Austen Kroll, Chelsea Meissner, Shep Rose, Naomie Olindo, and Eliza Limehouse.

In season 7, there are some major changes in the cast.

It has been revealed that there are some new faces coming on the show, while some of the members have announced that they are leaving the show, and on the other hand some of the recurring cast members are still on the next season. 

Southern Charm Season 7: Who is leaving the show?

According to several sources, there are at least four members who are leaving the show this season. Earlier this year three cast members left the show who were Cameron Eubanks, Naomie Olindo, and Chelsea Meissner. And recently, yet another cast member, Eliza Limehouse has revealed through People Exclusive, that she left the show.

Southern Charm Season 7: New Faces

Former cast member Naomie Olindo had revealed that her close friend Leva Bonaparte will be coming on the show this season. Similarly, it is also rumored that Shep Rose will be bringing his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green in season 7.

The previous cast members Austen Kroll, Shep Rose, Craig, Kathryn Dennis, are all set to return. Other returning members are Danni Baird and Madison LeCroy. Plus, the fan-favorite Patricia Altschul will also be returning this season as revealed by her Instagram posts sharing the behind the scenes of the shoot.


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