Who Is Leona Kimes? Meet Pastor Carl Lentz Accuser On Instagram

Who Is The Accuser Of Pastor Carl Lentz? Meet Leona Kimes

Who Is The Accuser Of Pastor Carl Lentz? Meet Leona Kimes

What Is Leona Kimes Age? Stay with the article to find out more about Pastor Carl Lentz Accuser.

Leona was a former megachurch Hillsong NYC employee.

Kimes made public sex abuse allegations against Carl Lentz. She accused Carl of manipulation, sexual abuse, controlling, and bullying for seven years while she worked there. 

Carl Lentz was fired from the Hillsong on the grounds of moral regulations. He denied all the claims of sexual abuse made by Kimes seven months after he was fired from Hillsong. 

Who Is Leona Kimes? 

Leona Kimes used to work for Carl Lentz and his family as a nanny.

Kimes began working for the family as a housekeeper and nanny in 2011. After being fired from the church in 2017, Leona told Carl she wanted to quit.

Kimes came forward to explain that she experienced a lot of pain and suffering while she worked with the Lentz family.

Leona claimed that she had to spend around 19 hours at the Lentz household, reports Ib Times.

Meet Pastor Carl Lentz Accuser On Instagram

Leona Kimes is not active on Instagram.

As Kimes is not a public figure, she prefers to keep her personal life away from the media. 

Leona published an essay, “Writing My Voice Back” on Medium, where she made several accusations against Carl Lentz.

Carl Lentz’s name is not mentioned in the essay, but it was later confirmed that it was indeed about the former pastor.

According to the Religious News, Kimes felt trapped and silenced as she was ashamed. In the essay, Leona revealed that she was physically violated and was repeatedly touched sexually while she froze.

Leona Kimes Age And Husband Revealed

Leona Kimes’s age is 37 years.

Kimes’s husband is Josh Kimes.

Josh was also one of the employees of the megachurch where Leona worked. It is unclear how long Josh was her boyfriend before they got married.

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