Who is Lindani Myeni Hawaii? Wife Family And Shooting Video

Lindani Myeni Hawaii Wife And Family: What Happened To Him?

Lindani Myeni Hawaii Wife And Family: What Happened To Him?

Lindani Myeni had recently moved to Hawaii but was shot dead recently.

Recently, Lindani Myeni was killed by Honolulu police officers after a small misunderstanding. According to News24, the Myeni family’s lawyer admitted that the officers were either poorly trained or too aggressive to escalate the situation needlessly.

Who is Lindani Myeni From Hawaii?

Lindani Myeni was actually a South African man who was residing in Hawaii.

When the Hawaii police officers found out about a house burglary, they rushed towards Lindani and tasered him several times before he was shot to death. The police defended themselves as they revealed that they were actually defending themselves from a violent suspect.

What We Know About Bodycam Shooting Video

Lindani Myeni’s bodycam shooting video says that there were no justifications to shoot him. 

According to Luke Kurkowski, Lindani had no idea about men approaching him. He was frightened to be surrounded by a group of cops. Reports from ENCA say that he had punched the officers, who were later discovered with injuries.

As per the bodycam footage, a crying woman pointed to someone informing the officers that a guy was stealing a car. The police approached the guy, who happened to be Lindani, and after blinding him with a flashlight, they shot him to death.

Lindani Myeni Wife: Is He Married?

Lindani Myeni was married to his American wife named Lindsay Myeni.

Furthermore, the couples were raising their two young children in Hawaii. His wife described him as a non-violent guy. The two had met when Lindsay was on her mission in South Africa. She is devasted to find out how the police officers handled the situation.

Everything On His Family

The victim of a fatal police shooting, Lindani Myeni’s family, wants him to be buried in KwaZulu-Natal.

His family has also organized a fundraiser program to bring his body back to South Africa. Until now, the fundraiser has been able to raise $11.8 thousand. 

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