Who Is Lubalin Tiktok? Age, Real Name And Instagram Bio

Who Is Lubalin Tiktok? Age And 10 Facts To Know About

Who Is Lubalin Tiktok? Age And 10 Facts To Know About

Lubalin is a Canadian musician and singer who is emerging recently through his mesmerizing Ep songs and TikTok videos. Despite we’re mostly unaware of Lubalin, but he has already made his charm in the Canadian Music Industry. With his exceptional musical talent and promising voice, Lubalin has surely got a bright future ahead waiting for him.

Recently, Lubalin has just got into the TikTok platform. Moreover, his first video just blew his views on the TikTok video. We’re pretty sure that he will surely rule TikTok with his TikTok videos.

Name Lubalin
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Profession Musician
Instagram @lubalin_vibe_emporium
Facebook Lubalin

10 Facts On Lubalin

  1. As per our researches, Lubalin’s age still seems hidden as there is no information regarding his birth year or birthday.
  2. To date, Lubalin’s bio has not made its place on the internet. Therefore, his bio is unavailable on Wikipedia or any Web portals.
  3. Lubalin is a native of Canada. Thus, he belongs to Canadian nationality.
  4. Basically, Lubalin is active on Facebook with his Musician page. On his Facebook page, he has only 177 likes and 183 followers.
  5. As per his Facebook post, Lubalin’s first EP song came out in August on iTunes.
  6. Besides that, Lubalin is also available on Instagram under the username @lubalin_vibe_emporium. He has more than 2.8k followers and 46 posts as of now.
  7. As of 2020, there is no data regarding Lubalin’s net worth and earnings. However, we’re keeping eye on uploading this tab as soon as it’s obtainable.
  8. So far now, Lubalin has not got the hype he deserves. But, slowly and steadily, he will rose to eminence with his immense talent.
  9. Just recently, Lubalin has made his TikTok account. In fact, it is not just a day his TikTok video got blew more than 9 million views.
  10. Better known as “Lubalin” as a stage name, also his real name Lubalin. But his surname is nowhere found in the media sources.

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