Who Is Macit0101 Tiktok? Macit TikTok User Arrested

Who Is Macit0101 From TikTok? Viral Video And Arrest Update

Who Is Macit0101 From TikTok? Viral Video And Arrest Update

Macit0101 is a Tiktok user. He was recently arrested for sharing a child abuse video on the platform. 

The internet can be a dark place revealing disturbing actions of people sometimes. However, it is very shocking when abusers decide to upload their actions on social media as a joke. Recently, netizens were shocked when Tiktoker Macit0101 shared his heinous actions. 

Who Is Macit0101 Tiktok? Everything on the Viral Video

Macit0101 is a Tiktok content creator.

The Tiktoker came under massive backlash for sharing a very disturbing video on the platform. In the now-deleted clip, Macit0101 can be seen abusing a small child. 

Soon after the video was uploaded, many people left angry comments on the Tiktok post. Likewise, netizens also took the matter to speak on Twitter.

Macit0101’s viral video was also shared by a Twitter user @muhendisyenn, demanding his arrest. Nevertheless, he censored some parts of the video as it was too graphic for viewers. Furthermore, the video has garnered over 7k views till now. 

On the other hand, Macit0101’s Tiktok account is nowhere to be found. It has either been removed by Tiktok or Macit0101 himself.

Macit TikTok User Arrested? 

Reports suggest that Macit0101 aka Macit Tiktok user is arrested for now.

Apparently, Macit0101 is a resident of Adana, a major city in Turkey. His backlash was so strong that hashtag #MacitPervet even started trending on Twitter on Friday.

Most of the people were raising voice for his arrest. Since then, Macit0101 has vanished from everywhere. Moreover, people are even alleging that he is under arrest. 

His Charges and Police Case Update

Macit0101 may face charges for child abuse. However, the Turkish police have not released any official statement.

Besides, Macit was not the only person on the video. We can clearly another man laughing at Macit0101’s action, while he continued to abuse the child. But, we don’t know if he will face any charges or not. 

On the other hand, the identity of the child in the video is protected due to privacy concerns for now. Furthermore, people are even worried about the child’s justice.  

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