Who is MadamFuturePresident2024? Scam Artist Real Name, Age, Drama

Who is MadamFuturePresident2024 On Tiktok? Facts on Scam Artist

Who is MadamFuturePresident2024 On Tiktok? Facts on Scam Artist

MadamFuturePresident2024 is a scam artist. She faked as a political activist on Twitter. Likewise, her account @MadamFuturePresident2024 is deleted now. 

MadamFuturePresident2024 was exposed by many Tiktokers. It is alleged that she raised money from innocent people in name of donation. However, she spent those dollars for herself.  

Name MadamFuturePresident2024
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Scam Artist
Instagram dopasupernova (absent)
Tiktok MadamFuturePresident2024 (deleted)

part 1/3 ##fyp ##xyzcba ##madamfuturepresident2024

♬ Lofi – Domknowz

10 Facts on MadamFuturePresident2024

  1. MadamFuturePresident2024 is a scam artist who appeared as an activist in TikTok. However, her actual age and date of birth are hidden right now. 
  2. On her TikTok bio, MadamFuturePresident2024 claimed her real name as Nicole. Though, due to the drama surrounding her, people speculate that she might be faking her name as well. 
  3. MadamFuturePresident2024 had gathered over 116k followers on her now-deleted TikTok account. Furthermore, she had a total of 2.1million hearts in her short videos. 
  4. From a few videos where MadamFuturePresident2024 revealed her face, she appeared as a black ethnicity woman. However, not much info is available about her background and family members. 
  5. MadamFuturePresident2024 was once very active on both Instagram and Twitter as @dopasupernova. But, she has deleted both of her social accounts after the controversy. 
  6. The scammer was exposed by many TikTokers along with a famous content creator named @bloodbathandbeyond. According to bloodbathandbeyond, the scammer had allegedly spent the money for her personal gains. 
  7. On her Go Fund Me page, MadamFuturePresident2024 had raised over $45,000 dollars. Likewise, she had stated that she will donate the money for political activism. But, it is assumed that she used the money for personal gains. 
  8. The TikToker also formed her Facebook group named “The United Movement”. However, even her Facebook accounts seem inactive right now.
  9. MadamFuturePresident2024 had claimed that most of her money was provided to families of ICE, LGBTQ+ groups, minors and DEVICE. But, she never provided the receipt of her well-doing.
  10. In YouTube, MadamFuturePresident2024 had a channel named The Enlighten Enrich Community. Furthermore, similar to her every social platform, her YouTube channel is also absent now. 

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