Who is Marco Muzzo? Wikipedia, Wife, Family Business And Net Worth

Where Does Marco Muzzo Live? Family Business And Facts To Know

Where Does Marco Muzzo Live? Family Business And Facts To Know

Who is Marco Muzzo? Marco Muzzo is a personality who has been in the limelight since 2015 when he killed three children and their grandfather in a car crash. As per official reports from CTV News, he was drunk at that time and has shown the world a perfect example of what will happen if you drink and drive. 

Quick Facts: Where Does Marco Muzzo Live? Family Business And Facts To Know

Name Marco Muzzo
Age 34 years
Gender Male
Nationality American

The victims’ names have been identified as Daniel, Harrison, Milagros Neville-Lake, and Gary Neville. There’s a recent update on this drunk driver, which you will find in the facts below.

10 Facts on Marco Muzzo:

  1. Marco Muzzo is a drunk driver who seems to have realized his mistake and has even apologized Neville-Lake, Neville, and the Frais family multiple times. 
  2. On Brian Greenspan‘s Wikipedia, it has clearly been mentioned that Marco Muzzo is one of his clients.
  3. Since nothing has been known about his married life, we are yet to find out if Marco Muzzo has a wife or not.
  4. Talking about the Vaughan, Ont. accident, Marco Muzzo crashed his Jeep Cherokee into the Neville-Lake family’s minivan, injuring the children’s grandmother and their great-grandmother. 
  5. Moreover, it has been known that he got a job through his family business even though he was serving his time in prison.
  6. Although we are unknown about Marco Muzzo’s exact net worth, we know that he has not earned a lot even though he worked inside the person. If he had not committed that crime, we are confident that he would have been a millionaire by now. 
  7. As of now, we only know that Marco Muzzo’s parents are very wealthy. However, their names have not been revealed until now.
  8. Not just his married life, we are also unknown about Muzzo’s children. But, he did kill the innocent lives of three children, an awful crime.
  9. Furthermore, it had been revealed that Marco Muzzo was a resident of Toronto, Canada. After he was released from a minimum-security prison, he lived in a community facility under particular conditions. 
  10. According to the recent hearings, Marco’s settlements seem to be secured as he has been granted full parole from the crime he committed. 

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