Who Is Mario Gonzalez Alameda? Wikipedia Wife And Video

Who Is Mario Gonzalez Alameda? Everything To Know

Who Is Mario Gonzalez Alameda? Everything To Know

Who Is Mario Gonzalez Alameda? Here is everything on his Wikipedia and wife. 

A California man, Mario Gonzalez has died after the officers pinned him down for five minutes during the arrest. The incident took place in the Alameda County of California.

The video via body cam shows three officers trying to arrest a drunk man in a park. The officers try to restrain him and during the process, he becomes unconscious. 

As per his family, the victim had no medical history and he was murdered during the arrest. The investigation is going on.

Who is Mario Gonzalez Alameda? His Wikipedia Bio

Mario Gonzalez was an Oakland resident who died during the arrest in Alameda. Gonzalez doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio until now. 

Moroever, he worked as a construction worker. The Alameda Police received a 911 call from a liquor store and went to the scene where Gonzalez was present with two bottles in his hand. 

The officers then tried to arrest him but he resisted. Following that, all of them were pegged to the ground and the officers tried to restrain him. The victim soon became unconscious and later died in the hospital under police custody. 

Mario Gonzalez Wife and Family

Mario Gonzalez’s family believes that he was murdered by the officers and he didn’t attack them. 

However, Mario’s wife has not been in the picture. His mother and brother, however, have been protesting all day. They believe that he died just like George Floyd and he deserves justice. 

Speaking of his family, Mario Gonzalez had a one-year-old son. Moreover, he was also the primary caregiver to his younger brother who is a victim of autism. 

Mario Gonzalez Arrest Video Explained

The Alameda Police have just released a body cam video that is almost an hour long. 

In the video, Gonzalez dies of kneeling, however, the officers put their knees on his back and nowhere near his chest. Hence, it may not be similar to the Floyd case. The investigations going on and we will have more details later. 


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