Who is Mark Sievers? Wikipedia And Wife: What Did He Do?

Who Is Mark Sievers And What Did He Do? Wikipedia And And Facts To Know

Who Is Mark Sievers And What Did He Do? Wikipedia And And Facts To Know

Who is Mark Sievers? Mark Sievers has been recognized as a convicted criminal who was found guilty of first-degree murder back in December 2019. What did he do? Mark had murdered his own wife in her home in Bonita Springs back in the year 2015. His wife was found lying on the kitchen floor on June 29, 2015. 

Quick Facts: Who Is Mark Sievers And What Did He Do? Wikipedia And And Facts To Know

Name Mark Sievers
Birthday March 2, 1968
Age 52 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Office Manager
Parents Bonnie Sievers
Siblings Scott Sievers
Married/Single Widowed
Wife Dr. Teresa Sievers (died on June 29, 2015)
Children Josephine Sievers and Carmela Sievers

Apart from just Mark, his childhood friend Curtis Wayne Wright Jr. was also found guilty of the murder in 2019. As per reports claimed by Naples News, the two had planned the murder together and another man named Jimmy Ray Rodgers assisted them. Where is Mark Sievers now? As per The Cinemaholic, we have found out that Mark has been currently awaiting his execution as he was sentenced to the death penalty. 

10 Facts on Mark Sievers:

  1. Mark Sievers is a convicted criminal who was suffering from depression before murdering his own wife along with his two friends. 
  2. Even though Mark Sievers has not got a Wikipedia page of his own, we hope this article will clear all of your doubts regarding him. So, do read these 10 facts until the end.
  3. Speaking about Mark Sievers’s wife, her name was Dr. Teresa Sievers and she was a physician who had her own clinic.
  4. Even after murdering his wife brutally, Mark Sievers had been pleading for his innocence and he stated that his wife was his soulmate and he could never commit such a crime. 
  5. Moving on to his family, he was born to Bonnie Sievers and he has a brother named Scott Sievers
  6. Talking about his background, he was born and raised in Hillsboro, Missouri, United States, and thus, his nationality is definitely American. 
  7. Moreover, Mark was under arrest just a few months after his wife’s brutal murder where she was bludgeoned to death. 
  8. However, it took over four years for the court to prove him guilty for the crime he had committed. 
  9. Furthermore, he and his late wife share two daughters together. They are Josephine Sievers and Carmela Sievers
  10. But, he immediately lost the custody of his daughters as soon as he was arrested. 

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